Despite the pandemic, these are boom days for free zone manufacturing


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Feb 20, 2019

The deputy minister of Free Zones and Special Regimes of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Carlos Guillermo Flaquer says the sector is booming, despite Covid-19 virus.

“The free zone sector has grown, it has reinvented itself, and proof of this is that in October they exported US$592 million, something unique, a milestone, the best October in their history since 2012,” Flaquer said on the radio program “Esto no tiene nombre” with Roberto Cavada, Miralba Ruiz and Pinky Pintor on 95.7FM.

Flaquer stressed that there has been significant growth in exports of medical devices and tobacco products to the United States, among other countries.

He said medical device manufacturers have added 1,200 employees since the start of the pandemic. Tobacco companies have 2,500 more jobs since March 2020.

Flaquer said Decree 588-20, which declared industrialization as a...

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JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
Glad to hear if it's true, but TOBACCO companies? That market has been dwindling for years, has it not?
I have my doubts. They just announced the reopening of a free zone a week ago that will have at least one cigar factory.

Some of the big guys ship millions of them.

The free zone where I'm located is 100% full, and another free zone is being built behind ours.