DGCine trains more in Samana to participate in the film industry


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Feb 20, 2019

For decades now, Samana has some of the most popular locations for local and international films that require lush tropical settings. To enhance this strength, the Dominican Film Commission has signed an agreement with Samana mayors and municipal district boards in the province to train people in the technical skills required by the film industry.

A carpentry workshop “Construction, Coating and Finishing techniques for Cinema” is to happen with the backing of DGCine. This training is being carried out in collaboration with Entrenamientos Cinematográficos del Caribe (ECC), Clúster Turístico de Samaná (CTS), the Asociación de Hoteles y Empresas Turísticas de Samaná (AHETSA), and the mayors’ offices and municipal district boards of Samaná.

The workshop is aimed at young people and adults who work or wish to work in the film industry as carpenters and builders. The...

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