Did I find heaven?


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Jan 2, 1999
When you live in the DR, you sometimes forget what the real world has to offer.

We often tell people that you can find almost everything in the DR, you just need to know where to look. Guess what? That's total rubbish!

I took a walk around a new "Homebase" store that opened in my families home town here in the UK. The place was huge and had every conceivable DIY and tool product you could ever want. You could sit 4-5 "Americana's" in it and still have room for "Pricesmart".

After walking round for 30 mins like a kid in a candy store, me an my father walked next door to the "Comet Megastore". This is an electrical appliance outlet, much like "BestBuy" in the USA. He wanted to pick up a new LCD TV to replace the old plasma screen he had and didn't like much. Jesus! We are just starting to see plasma's in the DR, forget good quality LCD's. I counted at least 100+ different makes and models, that's obscene!

Two downsides, didn't see one good looking girl or a single warm smiling face. I'll take those two indigenous DR qualities over the 100+ LCD's any day :)


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Jan 2, 2002
I am in atlanta right now and wow, my eyes opened up when I walked in to bestbuys and huge computer stores. My new laptop is a powerhouse. I love the toys in USA.
But, its cold in here....... mr. austin.