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May 18, 2003
I'm planning a move to the DR and have a DirecTv question. I have searched the archives but don't think I read a definitive answer. My question is if it's possible to activate legally in the US and still receive ESPN Game Plan (NCAA football) and NFL season ticket in the DR. I read that a phone connection is required but read another post that said it would work without it. I also read where Eddy says legal is the best way and assume that since he runs a sports bar he must somehow get these sports packages. I guess what I'm saying is I'm confused by the somewhat conflicting posts. Could someone tell me the best way for uninterupted coverage with the sports prgramming mentioned above? Cost isn't an issue. Thanks.


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Sep 15, 2002
The 'Definitive' Answer Is ...

... I don't know. And all of the responses were correct.

We don't have a US account so I don't know how that would work with the sports package here. I know that the crads only have space for so much PPV stuff before they stop accepting anything new without contacting the DTV computers via phone and offloading the data. That's easily wiped with a card programmer though. I also know that in the US the last year I was there I had a receiver that had a modem that unbeknownst to us had gone defective. I had no problem watching NFL Sunday Ticket the whole year. So what one of the earlier posters said is probably true, they do not check the phone connection. On the other hand DTV just paid US$2Billion to retain the rights to the package and has a whole series of changes underway. They may start at anytime. Or they may not. Hard to know what these guys will do from one minute to the next.

Bottom line is if they'd just offer the service here lots of folks would be happy to just pay for it. But they don't and we can't. If you buy service in the states and bring the stuff here it will work (with the limitations noted in other threads) but you are at the mercy of any telephone restrictions that they may imply which could at any time render the whole thing useless. Pirating the signal is more hassle but at least you don't have to rely on the whims of the company for the availability of a signal you've already paid for.

I know I'd be REALLY p****d sitting down to watch my football game on a Sunday and seeing the "732-Please call customer service at exten 7545" message pop up" especially after I'd paid for it!

Now that didn't help at all did it? LOL. Sorry!

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