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Dec 27, 2009
I just learned this company is under new ownership. Does anyone know how to contact the owner? I witnessed the secretary/gatekeeper telling another customer that the owner doesn't care to talk with customers who want to voice their concerns. I've had a subscription for more than two months and have not received one piece of mail forwarded to the address provided via my subscription to Banker Trust services. I have a receipt for proof of purchase for a one-year subscription, and there is information on file for my subscription, yet the company doesn't know where my mail is. Anyone else have similar experiences? In the meantime, is there a reliable mail forwarding service in Sosua for expats who need mail forwarded from the U.S.?


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Jan 2, 1999
Below is a response I received from the OWNER of Banket Trust, Michael Davis. This is the other side of the coin.

On a personal note, I used Banker Trust to move some furniture to Santo Domingo. They went above and beyond, fantastic job. I posted about my experience at the time on the board.


Banker Trust is not under new ownership. The person who started this rumor goes on in the thread to say she overheard our secretary tell something to another customer. Then gripes about not receiving mail.

We have a very satisfied customer base and it's reported that this person called and did not receive her mail. We asked what address was used to verification that the client has the correct address. For some reason, she refused to give us this information. Again she called, and again she refused to provide the address used. This led to posting a thread with bad information.

Banker Trust values it's customers and treats each one with the utmost respect. We are the lowest cost mail-forwarding service and offer the least expensive rates on DHL, Fedex and UPS overnight and express service. Our safe deposit boxes are the most secure in the area. Located in a reinforced steel and concrete vault, it also utilizes a dual key system. We've expanded our offerings which includes real estate and legal services.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (809) 571-4622.

Michael Davis

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