Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure

Jun 10, 2008
You might not be able to close it out, but it will eventually be sold and that accomplishes the same thing for you, no?
Cavok. I had two companies. One from 2007 which was offshore with only me as owner and registered to operate in the DR. That’s the one that is closed but pending final dissolution which I am beginning to suspect never will happen. Maybe you set up a company and then have a tax id RNC nr forever. The other company is from 2011 an SRL where I have a partner and it was just after a new law for cooperations was introduced. The SRL I can “sell” transfer the shares to my partner under different terms we agree on. She is doing ok as a broker and using the company. Yes I think the SRL I can get out of this way but she will keep helping me with the other company. Having said I don’t know if you have to provide a guarantee to the dgii when transferring your shares. Maybe it is a question for the legal forum.

With residency I think it is somewhat similar. You get permanent residency and it is really permanent forever. I wonder what happens when a cedula holder dies. If the dgm can turn up and claim the fees for late renewal from the estate. Maybe another question for the legal forum.


Apr 12, 2006
Jumping in here - you can cancel your residency. It requires writing a letter to the Director of the DMG and requesting it be cancelled. We did this for our kids when they turned 18 and left to live elsewhere. It took a while but you will get a letter back signed by the Director saying it has been cancelled.
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Apr 19, 2007
I am about to apply for my definitiva and my husband for his permanente. We would like to pay our fees online. Does anyone know if they accept a Canadian credit card? Or do I need a Dominican one? Thanks.


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Jun 28, 2008
They didn't accept my USA card. I had to pay cash. The cedula place accepts all cards in their office.
Try it and see if it works! My US credit card worked just fine for both of us. This was less than two months ago. Cheers!