Dog Food?? Cat Food?



I live in POP; I have 1 cat & 3 dogs. I shop for dog food & cat food, in local supermarkets, POP or Santiago. There are 3 - 5 diferent brands of dog food; all imported; all American. The cat food situation is similar. Santiago super markets sell no at food?? The shelves are amply stocked; much shelf space is devoted to food & accessories for pets. I suspect the vast majority of buyers are foreign residents. Question: in a large country of 8,500,000 people can't any DR figure out how to manufacture & market Dominican dog food &/or Dominican cat food? There are many butcheries, many factories that process rice & grain, many seafood processing plants. What is done with the tons of scrap? Fertilizer? Carried to dumps? Is manufacturing dog food like making mother boards or memory chips, simply too technically difficult for the DR? Wouldn't the DR ecomomy be better off if these products were produced locally. Would the dogs and cats know the difference? Food for thought, no pun intended.