Dog Trouble


Mar 26, 2012
Due to a technical glitch my post was deleted, so here it is again. Enjoy! ;)

OMG! My neighbors have been complaining that my dog has been barking non-stop. I hate the zapping bark collars so I bought a humane citronella collar. When a dog barks, it shoots a blast of citronella under their nose which they apparently don't like.

Last night I was getting the collar ready and filled it with the citronella liquid. I became curious as to “how” the collars actually work.

So I'm standing by my back door "barking" at the dog's collar. Nothing happens. I make sure it's turned on, check the fill level, and go through the "getting started" check list one more time. Again, I bark. Nothing happens.

Now I'm not quite sure why I thought this would be a good idea, but I did, and I put that collar on. I attached the band around my neck and fit the growl box against my throat and barked. Apparently, the collar only works if it feels vibrations because I immediately received a blast of citronella to the face.

I began coughing, which only caused the collar to continue squirting bug spray over and over into my nasal cavity. I'm now on my hands and knees in my backyard, trying to breathe, and to make matters worse, the damn dog is jumping around me barking. So between coughing and yelling at him to shut up, I've emptied over a dozen blasts of citronella to my face.

During all of this ruckus, I'm trying to undo the clasp of the collar, which has somehow managed to become welded shut during this whole fiasco.

I finally get the collar off and threw that damn thing across the yard, and laid in the grass sucking in the fresh air. In the middle of thinking this is probably the dumbest thing I've done in a while, I hear laughter.

MY NEIGHBOR SAW THE WHOLE THING! He was laughing so damn hard he couldn't breathe. Between gasps, he tells me, "I was gonna come help, but every time I started to climb over the fence, you'd set it off again and then I would start laughing and couldn't make it." So now, not only are my eyes red and swollen but I’m mortified too.

Lesson learned: if you ever want to test one of these collars make sure that you:

1. Don't fill the collar before trying to set it off.
2. Remember the neighbor is not a good source of help in a crisis situation.
On the plus side, I won’t have a mosquito problem for a few days!


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Jan 9, 2009
South Coast
Haha!  The first time I saw this, a Facebook friend from Sosúa who has a doggie business posted it.  I really thought it happened to her, until I realized she doesn’t have any neighbors who can see her.  :) :) :)


Nov 1, 2012
bronzie.............. you had me fooled. I actually thought it happened to YOU. I guess the real joke is on me. Good One......

Not important, I laughed anyway because I had a picture in my head of a dog jumping all over, with Bronzie on all 4..... still smiling just remembering...


May 1, 2005
Not important, I laughed anyway because I had a picture in my head of a dog jumping all over, with Bronzie on all 4..... still smiling just remembering...

LOL, and i was thinking poor bronzie just trying to be neighborly and this had to happen to her............. too funny