Doggy day care etc.


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Jan 24, 2008
A friend of mine has two dogs in Canada, they are great at home but one isn't too good at walking with her owner when she is on the leash, so she took it to a doggy day care centre where the dogs are taught to socialize.

We have a four year old 'pure' Dominican mutt who followed us home one day when she was about 2-3 months old. She house trained herself in 24 hours and is generally a great dog. She got on well with all dogs and cats. However, over the years she has had some issues, like cats attacking her as well as dogs (particularly the small ones and unfortunately in her own communal garden). She is now much more timid and doesn't know how to interact with other dogs.

I wonder if there is anyone out there in the Punta Cana area who knows of a doggy day care centre where I can get her integrated with other dogs (probably best if I am not around). She wants to play with all the other dogs but when she lunges at them to play with them (tail wagging like crazy) I think she is over enthusiastic and may be seem a little threatening to the other dog(s).

Anyway, I wonder if anyone knows a doggy day care centre around here or anyone who would like to start one up...?


May 28, 2004
Haven't heard of anything around here unfortunately other than the vets. Pet Love Vet (in front of Paseo San Juan) were offering free doggy training classes a while back but I'm not sure if they're still doing this. I would recommend trying to find some doggy friends that are not too dominant and have a slightly lower level of energy/nervousness to teach her how to socialize.

We should ask Cesar Millan to pay us a visit ;)


Aug 3, 2006
I would have a doggy daycare in a heart beat if i had the room and some dog training!
These are my 2 dogs in canada Eugeniefs is talking about. They have a blast and by the time they come home
they are so pooped from playing they dont even move. Punta Cana has the beaches and play room for sure,
but the poop has to be picked up and the dogs controlled.
Ceasar Millan should pay a visit:classic:
Btw she has 18-25 dogs per day at 20$ per day, not a bad business