Domincan Baseball League Jersey/Hat


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Nov 14, 2005
Does anyone know of a website or location in the USA where I can buy DR League jerseys or hats? I was at an Estrellas game last year and bought some hats. I would love some more from the other teams. I know this would sound crazy in the states, like buying Red Sox and Yankees hats, haha.

Do they sell jerseys with (David) "Ortiz" or (Albert) "Pujols" on the back?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Jan 3, 2002
Try this site - I'd forgotten about it, but your post was a nice reminder. It looks like they don't have as much inventory as they carried before, but there is some baseball stuff available. You can probably contact the site owners for specialized products:

I ordered through them a couple of years ago. I bought a Licey jersey for my husband, as well as a Licey t-shirt. If memory serves me correct, it was about $40US for both, plus shipping and handling - maybe $15. It arrived in about three weeks, and I was extremely satisfied with the quality. I would reiterate that you should contact the owners of the site, should you want something that they don't market. Like I said, I was very content with my purchase, and would purchase from them again. They are based in Santo Domingo, so it shouldn't be a problem for them to add to their supplies should the need arise.
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