Domingo Contreras: Vote for the candidate who wants to be mayor


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Feb 20, 2019

The delay in the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) in announcing the ruling party’s candidate for capital city mayor could well be that Carolina Mejia is anything but keen about a repeat. She took on the candidacy in 2020 when her predecessor, today Minister of Tourism David Collado, rejected running again despite high poll ratings.

Now, opposition party candidate, Domingo Contreras is pushing the point that the city of Santo Domingo should vote for a candidate who wants to be mayor. Contreras is the candidate for the coalition of the Dominican Liberation Party and the People’s Force. People’s Force is the dissident political party formed by former President Leonel Fernandez when he disputed the automated voting primary that had him winning comfortably until a drastic change in votes with the final reading resulting in Gonzalo Castillo being chosen the presidential...

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