Dominican cattle ranchers again promised a halt to rustling


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Mar 6, 2003

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Francisco Dom?nguez on Friday vowed to deal with the cattle rustlers which have caused millions in losses to ranchers, despite similar promises made during the last few years.

The official met with National Ranchers Cattle Association president Ren? Columna and other leaders of the sector, who said their organization?s more than 58,000 livestock producers demand actions by law enforcement agencies to halt the rustling of steer across the country.

Dominguez told the ranchers that he will meet with the heads of the Army, the National Police and local authorities to control rustling and identify, charge and prosecute the thieves.

"We will continue to strengthen investigative mechanisms which will let us effectively prosecute and take appropriate actions against anyone responsible in cases cattle rustling and of selling the meat obtained unlawfully in the area of production," he said.

gonzo two

Jan 13, 2010
maybe the farmers could keep them in a field rather than on the road- a bit of a radical idea I suppose