Dominican directs second series of Lunchpad for Disney


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Feb 20, 2019

Born and raised in Santo Domingo, actress, writer and director Gabriela Ortega is now directing the second season of the series “Lunchpad”, for the streaming platform Disney+. In an interview with Listin Diario she explained how she landed a promising career in the very competitive world of acting and directing in the USA.

She credits her start with her professors in Santo Domingo. She took acting and improvisation classes with Laura García Godoy and was one of the first graduates of Amaury Sánchez’s Academy of Artistic Formation (AFA). At the same time, she played roles in the theater and in short films. She also wrote short stories and poetry, a talent she still enjoys exploiting.

She then landed a scholarship to study acting at the University of Southern California. Ortega said that upon arriving at the university, she was fascinated by its film school at the...

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