Dominican Drug Trade


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Nov 20, 2005
I ran into the DEA website and found some useful information I would like to explain and why I passionately believe the War On Drugs is so utterly ridiculous. Below are some of the "achievements" of fiscal year 2005 according to the DEA.

*DEA Operations stripped drug traffickers of nearly $1.9 billion in drug proceeds. This includes $1.4 billion in asset seizures and $477 million in drug seizures.

*Investigations that began as ?following the money? led to the seizure of 947 kilograms of cocaine, 21,650 pounds of marijuana, and 7 kilograms of heroin.

*The DEA conducted Operation Mallorca, multi-jurisdictional OCDETF money laundering operation which identified four Colombian-based money brokers who laundered $12 million in illicit drug proceeds through the Colombian Black Market Peso Exchange (BMPE). The BMPE is a system where drug traffickers sell drug proceeds in U.S. dollars to brokers for pesos. The investigation resulted in the arrest of 81 individuals and the seizure of $7.8 million.

Now why do I say the War On Drugs is absurd? Let me show you how the DEA continually uses legitimate facts to draw various false conclusions.

Stripping various international Drug/Money organizations of almost 2 Billion dollars may sound like a lot (and it is), but look at it from a trafficking perspective. The DEA says they've seized 1.4 BILLION in ASSETS and 477 MILLION in drug seizures in '05. Assets from Drug related seizures almost always include fleets of Super Luxury Cars, Various Mansions and acres of valueable land, as well as Jets, Boats, etc. You must understand that the DEA puts their filthy paws on drug organizations from all over the world, so the sheer amount of notorious and successful drug traffickers that are brought down each year doesn't even nearly approach A QUARTER of the successful, longtime Kingpins who've been moving multi-ton shipments for decades without anyone ever knowing or getting caught.

Think about it this way: What other industry can continually endure Billion Dollar Losses year after year, and the enormous loss in capital and power associated with pesky authorities? Do you think ANY legitimate International conglomerate can withstand such an enormous monetary loss without shutting down completely? I must remind everyone that the assets of Quirino Paulino Castillo equaled to about 1 BILLION DOLLARS U.S. He's just ONE of the HUNDREDS of big time Drug traffickers in the Dominican Republic. Now, not all traffickers have Billion dollar fortunes, but ALL major players make Millions of Dollars PER MONTH. IN CASH. TAX-FREE. Oh yeah, they have so many authorities on the payroll they might as well keep pictures of them in their wallets.

The day Castillo was caught, he was carrying 1,345 KILOS of Cocaine. A Kilo of coke can be obtained in DR for anywhere between $8,000-$12,000. He was essentially moving $13-$16 MILLION dollars of cocaine. Now, this is only ONE shipment from ONE man. And big time players like Castillo move shipments like this on a near WEEKLY basis. The Dominican Republic, located near lucrative maritime and arial routes, makes it one of the more ideal transhipments points in the world. Notice how I said "transhipment" which means that even the most notorious Dominican Drug Trafficker is not even the main source of drugs like Cocaine and Heroin (the most trafficked drugs in DR) they're the Colombians. So put this little scenario into perspective: If there are hundreds of Drug traffickers in the country, and they're "only" secondary players in this industry, and we're ONLY talking about the Dominican Republic, can you just imagine how many successful, untapped drug trafficking organizations exsist in this world?

I've seen some posts were various members from this website claim that drugs are either "don't exsist," or "they're not that rampant." They're rampant alright. Very rampant as a matter of fact. The thing is, the grand majority of Dominican traffickers are so organized and discreet you could never tell, and never will be able to tell they're true business entreprise. Drugs are as readily available in DR as they are on a New York City street. Drugs sell themselves. Think about the hundreds of thousands of commericals you've seen for thousands of products, yet how many Drug commericals have you seen that haven't said something stupid like "Just Say No"

The reality of life is that Drugs have always exsisted and will always exsist. The Dominican Republic has very strict "laws" regarding Drugs, yet that does not even deter people from setting up shop and getting filthy rich. As I'm writing this, various ton-plus shipments are being run up and down the country getting ready to head to the U.S. How many will the DCNDD and DEA intercept? Not even one percent. Those that they do intercept, they will most likely be "free shipments." That's when a Drug Lord or one of his managers will annonmously inform the police of a vechile or a home where they have intentionally placed a few hundred pounds to give them something to brag about to the press. But in reality, they sit in their enormous mansions watching this "huge bust" on television while they organize a multi-ton shipment the next day. As they burn these hundreds of pounds and various high ranking officials whore themselves to the press with their rhetoric and crappola, a huge multi-ton shipment has exited the country without a trace. That's the Dominican Drug Trade for ya.

Happy New Years.