Dominican-French lawyer chosen in France to represent Latin America and the Caribbean


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Feb 20, 2019

Dominican-born Eleonore Caroit was chosen to represent Latin America and the Caribbean in the results of the official second round in the eleven constituencies of French people living abroad. She won with 57.42% of the votes in a second round. In the first round, she came first (34.57%) to 28.20% of her contender, Christian Rodríguez.

Caroit ran in the election for the party La République en Marche, same as that of President Emmanuel Macron.

During her campaign, Caroit focused on education, ecology, taxation, health and proximity.

She is a lawyer specialized in international relations. She grew up in Santo Domingo. She is the daughter of French journalist Jean Michel Caroit, who for years has represented Le Monde in the Dominican Republic and Dominican lawyer Carmen Amelia Cedeño, a former director of Participación Ciudadana. Caroit graduated from the Lycee Francais in Santo...

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