Dominican Poetry


Aug 7, 2004
Our school has an International Week and the teacher in charge has asked if my son could read a short(ish) poem or written selection from/about the Dominican Republic.

Any suggestions for something appropriate for a 13 year old to read in a school assembly? In Spanish if possible but if not something in English about the country would be fine as well.

Many thanks for your suggestions.

Randall Bell

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Feb 17, 2012
Honestly, every day I hear fantastic Dominican Poetry on the radio. Some of the most creative musicians in the world. Bachata is all poetry. Dembow tambien!


Aug 7, 2004
Thanks for the suggestions - I am sure one of these will work and the idea of song lyrics is a great one.


Aug 7, 2004
The most famous Dominican poem would probably be
"Hay un pa?s en el mundo" by Pedro Mir. It's very long but he could just recite the first verse.
Poemas de Pedro Mir
Another classic Dominican poet is Salom? Ure?a
Poemas de Salome Urena de Henriquez
Again, all very long.
In English - Julia Alvarez

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have a photo of him with Julia Alvarez so if I can find it it might be nice to have on display. Problem is I think it is on my external hard drive that is back in the States instead of here. Good suggestions all.


Jan 1, 2002
If you are going to use lyrics, please use "Amor del conuco" it is almost certainly inspired by the poem "The Passionate Shepard to his Love" by Christopher Marlowe (1564-93).
Come and live with me and be my love
And we will all the pleasures prove
That valleys, groves, hills and fields
Woods or steepy mountain yields.....


Anything by Juan Antonio Alix

Like this one, quite famous.

Corroboro, corroboro-
Por Juan Antonio Alix

Dime, querido Vidal,
t? que eres medio letrado,
para ser buen diputado ,
a un Congreso Nacional
?debe ser hombre leal,
de inteligencia y decoro?

No sea penguinche, Teodoro,
que para a un congreso ir,
solo hay que saber decir,
corroboro, corroboro.

Si es as?, amigo Vidal,
yo tengo un loro educado,
que ser?a buen diputado,
a un Congreso Nacional,
pues ?l aunque es animal,
no se vender? por oro,
y sabe tanto mi loro,
que si uno habla por all?,
?l contesta por ac?,
corroboro, corroboro.

-Pues Vidal, a mi entender,
cre? que los diputados,
eran patriotas y honrados,
y de bastante saber,
que el pueblo sab?a escoger,
hombres serios como un toro,
y nunca elegir un moro
para que sea mal cristiano,
?no es as?, querido hermano?

Corroboro, corroboro.

En los gobiernos pasados,
los jefes que gobernaban,
ellos mismos arreglaban
moldes para diputados
y algunos sal?an da?ados,
pues no serv?an para coro,
pero otros, cr?alo, Teodoro,
que antes de al Congreso ir,
los ense?aban a decir,
corroboro, corroboro.

This is a "d?cima", a sort of rap over 100 years ago, when the poet talked about things that were going on.