Dominican polling companies get the election results right


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Feb 20, 2019

These were the most polled elections in Dominican history. Gavindian Polsters, Gallup, Centro Economico del Cibao, Zogby, Mercado y Cuantificaciones, APD Consulting and Ideame are among the polling companies to get closest to the final results in the 2020 presidential and congressional elections. It is interesting to note that several of top forecasters are Dominican companies.

Of the polling companies, those that forecast the win of Luis Abinader for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) versus Gonzalo Castillo of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) were:Gavindian Polsters: Abinader 52%, Castillo 38%, Fernandez 9% (June)Gallup: Abinader 53.7%, Castillo 35.5%, Fernandez 9.6% (June)Ideame: Abinader 52.5%, Castillo 34.4%, Fernandez 10.9% (June)Centro Económico del Cibao: Abinader 53.6%, Castillo 34%, Fernandez 10.3% (June)APD Consulting Group: Abinader 51.6%, Castillo 34.4%, Fernandez 11.6%...
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