Dominican Republic – Coronavirus Covid-19: Bulletin #116/12 July 2020


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Feb 20, 2019

Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas blasted the Dominican people for their lack of social discipline to avoid spreading Covid-19. The spread of Covid-19 has been slowly rising, especially in urban areas in the Dominican Republic. He said he favors a return to curtailing evening activities and mobility after 8pm and new resolutions to this respect would be forthcoming, when speaking during the 13 July press coronavirus press briefing.

After the economy’s opening on 20 May 2020, there has been a sustained gradual increase in the pace of new cases. The intense interaction of pre and post-presidential election days is said to have caused a faster spread of the disease. Provinces, where there had been little Covid-19, reported outbreaks in May and June, as politicians feverishly campaigned in the final weeks leading to the 5 July 2020 presidential and...
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