Dominican Republic – Coronavirus Covid-19: Bulletin #139/4 August 2020


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Feb 20, 2019

According to Coronavirus Bulletin #139 of the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Epidemiology, the Dominican Republic has 75,660 confirmed cases, including 1,365 new cases.

The number of confirmed cases depends on the availability of PCR tests that continues to be very scarce, especially in the provinces. In the Dominican Republic, even the well off have to wait to get tested. For a shot at a free PCR test, people queue for hours at the Laboratorio Nacional Dr. Defilló in Santo Domingo.

The average testing over the past 14 days is 3,989 PCR tests. The numbers of diagnostic tests carried out over the past 14 days [the difference between the PCR tests reported since the past bulletin] are: 4,734 (Bulletin #139), 5,172 (Bulletin #138), 1,685 (Bulletin #137), 2,558 (Bulletin #136), 4,115 (Bulletin #135), 4,815 (Bulletin #134), 4,932 (Bulletin #133), 3,471...
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