Dominican Republic lobbies in Top Resa to consolidate its position as the leading long-haul destination for the French market


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Feb 20, 2019

The Dominican Republic managed to consolidate its position as the number one long-haul tourist destination in the French market by advancing agreements and negotiations with the Karavel Promovacances group, the Les Entreprise du Voyayes EdV Association, the SETO Tour Operators Union and the Air France and Air Caraibes airlines during the Top Resa trade show held in France last week.

Tourism Minister David Collado highlighted that the objective of the Dominican delegation at the main tourism fair in France was not only to strengthen the country’s position as a leading destination in the Caribbean, but also to compete with other destinations preferred by the French at a global level, namely Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico that did not attend the Paris show.

He indicated that the Dominican Republic has made its presence felt in France to consolidate its position...

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