Dominican Republic will offer medical assistance to UN mission in Haiti


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Feb 20, 2019

Vice President Raquel Peña and Defense Minister Lt. General Carlos Diaz Morfa revealed the extent to which the Dominican Republic will be supporting the United Nations security efforts in Haiti.

Vice President Raquel Peña noted that the Dominican Republic would provide the health care necessary for the members of the Kenyan police force on the ground in Haiti. However, the big caveat is that this service would only be provided on Dominican soil. She also noted that the Dominican Republic continues to provide maternal care in many of its hospitals, where in some cases 45% of all childbirths are to Haitian women. The Dominican Republic has practically picked up the health care tab for Haiti, with the medical system in Haiti’s capital city collapsed.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Diaz Morfa told reporters that his troops would support the UN efforts, but that...

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