Dominicans in the middle east

Mar 1, 2009
I've heard of Dominicans of Lebanese and Syrian descent. However are there any Dominicans and places where Domos hang out in, over there; Amman Jordan, Beirut Lebanon. I know there has GOT to be a salsa club hidden somewhere over there.


New member
May 5, 2009
Though I have never been to the nations you made mention of... yes, by and large there are dance halls all over the western portion of the ME, especially in the more socially "liberal" nations like Syria (yes, contrary to what the news might tell us, Syria is a very lib. country compared to say Saudiland), Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq etc... Most of the Islamic nations that are close to Europe have a more multinational flair, though I have no idea what kind of dances they may partake in, as I myself am no dancer. I should probably learn though!

I'll wager Salsa is on one or two menus;)