Donation Center

Aug 21, 2007
Our non-profit Strength for the Journey (RNC 430-19297-1 and EIN 81-2877406) operates a donation center in Jamao. The donations are sorted and then either placed in the center or taken to the Jamao mountain communities and given to the poor. The center provides a place where people can come, take what is needed and make a small donation to Strength for the Journey. Each item in the center is given a donation value, however, people give what they can, either more or less than the value. We at Strength for the Journey believe that everyone should be able to give something to receive something. For those who cannot pay, we accept them committing to passing on the kindness by helping a neighbor, volunteering in Strength for the Journey, or committing to any other activity of service.

The center currently is open on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

We are always in need of items to replenish the center. We accept clean clothes in good condition, shoes, towels, sheets, baby items, toys (that have all the parts), books in Spanish or picture books in English, furniture, kitchen items, etc. For those leaving the country or just getting rid of unneeded items, please consider donating to us. But also, please do not pass on something that is in poor condition such that you would not like to accept it yourself.

We have a truck and can pick up your donations if they are large or you do not have means to travel to Jamao. But, you are welcome to come visit us and see what we do! Strength for the Journey is not a large non-profit, but we take pride in doing small things with quality and much love.

That is Strength for the Journey!