DR - CAFTA?? Prices of guns? ?


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Oct 16, 2004
* I haven't bought a gun yet; I plan to soon.
* According to knowledgeabe people on DR1, pistols & shotguns cost @ 400% of the US price in the DR! A gov't created monopoly, I suspect?
* After DR-CAFTA is implmented in the DR, probably sometime in 2006 [? ? ?], will the prices of guns purcased in the DR decrease? Opinions on how much?
* Will DR residents be able to buy guns in the USA, obtain a DR license, & import & use the weapon, on an individual basis? Probably when? Thank you.


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Jan 9, 2002
Don't bet on it. If anything, this government will figure out a way to RAISE the cost in the form of licensing fees, testing fees, police registration fees, or whatever. Their goal is to keep legal guns out of the hands of poor, uneducated dominicans so that the police will always have a reason to bust them for violating the gun laws should they do something bad. (always reactive instead of proactive).

The numbers for the DR are already something like 500,000 legal guns and an equal amount of illegal, unregistered guns.