DR exports 6.72% less, but imports 20.17% less


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Feb 20, 2019

Dominican exports for the most part continued, despite the National State of Emergency the country has undergone since March. Exports were down, but imports were down three-fold.

The Customs Agency reports that imports for January to July 2020 were US$9.56 billion, or 20.17% less than for the same period in 2019. Excluding petroleum imports, the decline was 13.73%. Customs said that of the total imports, 21.33% were duty-free imports for free zone manufacturing. Of the total, 47.75% were consumer goods, 34.19% raw materials and 18.06% capital goods.

Imports were from the United States (34.27%) and the People’s Republic of China (18.03%). There were also large amounts of imports from Mexico (4.86%), Spain (4.28%), Brazil (2.86), Colombia (2.51%), Germany (2.32%), Japan (2.27%), Netherlands (2.06%), Trinidad & Tobago (1.92%).

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