DR Government Makes Exporting Easier


Economist by Profession
Jan 20, 2003
On October 2, 2021 Roselvis Vargas comments in Santo Domingo-based Zol radio station some changes aduana has implemented to encourage Dominican exports.

The purpose is that your product will be in a container shipping from a Dominican port to any other port in the world within one day. That is within 24 hours of your product arriving to a Dominican port it will be in a container on a ship heading to another country.

To encourage this, technology is used to verify the containers. No more manual checks which often increased time as inspectors would enter each container and make sure it had the products you and in the quantity declared. Containers are now searched via X-rays.

Documents and permits pertaining to sanitation, health, etc.; they are now verified using technology with tskes much less time and money.

To benefit from this, representatives of Dominican companies must go to aduana and get more info there and how your company can be included. The program is called "Exporta Más 24 Horas."

According to aduanas, around 150,000 containers arrive full with products from other countries at Dominican ports and are leaving Dominican ports absolutely empty. These could be filled with Dominican products heading to those countries.

This also applies to import.

Video is in Spanish.