DR needs to motivate multilateral organizations to recognize its fiscal burden


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Feb 20, 2019
Carmen Amaro, Carolina Cardenas, Alexandria Valerio and Mafalda Duarte / Banco Mundial

The Dominican Republic has not been able to convince governments or multilateral organizations to get active in Haiti to help that country resolve its multidimensional crisis. But the country could probably look outside the box and redirect efforts for help to shoulder the increasing fiscal burden it carries due to the multidimensional crisis in Haiti.

Mafalda Duarte, CEO of the Climate Investment Funds for the World Bank, told DR1 at the “Economic Growth with a Woman’s Face” breakfast on 22 November 2022, that the country could undergo an effort to be classified at the same status as Haiti to benefit from multilateral programs. The country could begin a campaign to create an awareness among multilateral organizations and governments abroad...

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