DR tax/internet biz info needed



I'm an American needing info on locating an Internet-based, international graphic design firm in the DR:

Where's the best city/towns to locate in that would offer sufficient bandwidth Internet connections?

What are the square-foot monthly rental rates for office space?

What are the local tax rates -- income, property, sales, business taxes? Are there any tax breaks for locating my business in the DR?

How is the DR's connections to the Internet? I need a minimum T1/E1 connection of 1.5 Mbps, preferably 4-10 times that. Can I count on that? What would the approximate monthly cost be?

Also, does the DR have its own domain name suffix? If so, what is it?

I'd appreciate answers to any/all of these questions. Thanks.

james stewart

City/Towns : Santo Domingo
Sq/Ft : Rates varry as in any place if you want the High rent district you pay more.
Tax breaks : I will let Freddy answer that.
T1 : I have one 256 mb can be expanded. Approx monthly cost $2,500 U.S.
Domain name : Yes your name and .net.do This can be worked around if you have one already.
I am in the market to share my office and T-1 I have been in this location for 10 years. Space available 40 feet wide x 75 feet long. Can expand another 20x20. Store Front with glass windows. Bathroom and small kitchen. If interested contact me direct at solar.sa@codetel.net.do
Jimmy Stewart [American]

james stewart

Re: How good T-1

It is not comletly installed yet but unless CODETEL is ripping everyone off. T-1 feeds in at super group level not at sub group as are phone lines. This eliminates 90% of the multiplexing proccess that the phone lines go thru. Which increases speed due to no intermodulation caused by the modulation steps it takes for phone lines to reach the super group level.Thus being digital with no intermod you do not have to use time delay distortion at the outher end of the transmission to keep the lower frequencies from over running the higher frequencies. The intermod and the delay distortion are what slows down phone lines.


local loop?

US$2,500 is much cheaper than they used to be!
What are they charging for the local loop connection?

When you say it's not completely installed, what do you mean?

The reason I ask all the questions is that I have 1 or 2 people interested in a T1 in the DR and would like to get some REAL info. My experience with Codetel has not been good :-(

Thanks in advance,



To respond to your question regarding tax rates I need a more precise description of your project.

Meanwhile I can tell you that if you establish your firm in a free zone, mainly for the export of yur services, you will not pay any taxes of any type.

However if you are going to sell your services mainly in the DR, I need more information from you --- if you need confidentiality feel free to contact me through my email address:


james stewart

Re: local loop?

The local loop connection is $ 1,700 U.S. I put the installation on hold due to the fact that the person that was going to use it with me pulled out. I am also contemplating on changing from T-1 to fiber optic if I can get a new associate or change my buisness into high speed data and rent out space in my office for outher servers. I am contemplateing the options if you have any ideas let me know. Yes CODETEL is the most diffuclt TELCO I have ever had to deal with, I just keep trying and trying and trying soner or later you get what or near what you want.
If you want I can send you the exact figures for the diffrent speed connections. Give me your direct e-mail.