DR wants to attract more tourists from Germany


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Feb 20, 2019

Tourism Minister David Collado traveled to Berlin, Germany in time for the opening of the Dominican booth at the ITB Travel Fair. Collado spoke of the ongoing efforts to increase the number of travelers from Germany. Once Germans were the number one source of travelers to the Dominican Republic. Today, this source market has been replaced by hundreds of thousands traveling to the country from the United States, Canada and Colombia.

In a survey given to over 11,000 tourist from Germany, over 90% said that they would hop on a plane and come back to the Dominican Republic. In the huge International Tourism Fair underway in Berlin, the Deputy Minister for Tourism, Jacqueline Mora, said that this means “we need more flights from Germany.”

Tourism Minister David Collado signed agreements with Condor airline to guarantee frequency eight weekly flights in the summer and ten during the...

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Mar 17, 2007
You need to increase the amount of Bilingual in German and teach in schools that service those tourists areas
The current infrastructure customer service entities, ie power, phone, medical are struggling to provide Bilingual support in English now


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Oct 18, 2003
The Dominican Republic needs to start cleaning up their garbage and making hotels, restaurants, beaches and washrooms a lot more sanitary then they are right now. Nothing like driving around as a tourist and see mountains of garbage on the sidewalks, the alleys and in the diches
First impressions may be the last impression for tourist coming here from any other country.