DR1 2020 NFL Football Picks


Oct 9, 2007
As we approach the 2020 NFL Conference Championship weekend, I would like to tip my New England Patriots hat to the DR1 2020 NFL League Pick Winners.

In the regular season ending Pick 'Em by Points division, the winner was The VegeMan who won by 8 points over 2nd place Yoseff Francus. In the Survivor League, again Yoseff Francus was the 2020 winner, Also, in the final season totals for the Pick 'Em League , even with 2 weekend games and the Super Bowl left to be played, David Z is our 2020 Champion. Well done guys!

I believe most would agree we saw some interesting team results. especially given the games were played with no fans, as well as how teams had to adjust with losing players due to testing positive for Covid 19.

In closing, may the weekend games and this years Super Bowl be exciting, and please Tom B, go back to great north for one last season. 🙏


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Oct 30, 2018
So then, ya got a team for the weekend?
And how much of a kick do the ref's get?