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President Medina visits Montecristi for start up of Caribbean Wind Farms
TSA orders Ministry of Public Works to stop building bus terminal
Infotep should take on Samaná polytechnic school to get it up and working
Metro builder Diandino Peña hospitalized
Diario Libre to represent Internet Media Services
Palmar de Ocoa residents protest violation of environmental laws
Colegio Agustiniano director case to be heard in La Vega court
280 packs of cocaine inside a freight container at the Multimodal Caucedo Port
No motives are given for attempted murder of David Ortiz
Dominican volleyball loses to the Netherlands
Victor Manuelle at the Jaragua Renaissance
Paloma San Basilio concert

Next DR1 Daily News Update: Monday, 17 June 2019
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President Medina visits Montecristi for start up of Caribbean Wind Farms
President Danilo Medina was in northwestern Montecristi for the symbolic start of operations of the Caribbean Wind Park (Pecasa). The Akuo Energy power plant has the capacity to generate 50MW. The wind farm will supply energy to 150,000 households in Montecristi province.

As reported by the Presidency, the park features 25 wind turbines, model G114 (Siemens-Gamesa) with capacity to add 2 MW each to the public grid. They are interconnected via an underground 34.5 kV medium voltage network. This substation, located near the town of El Copey, raises the voltage to 138 kV where it is interconnected to the ETED substation. Power then flows to the interconnection point via a 14-kilometer high voltage line on the Navarrete-Montecristi transmission line.

The government says that with this new project, the renewable energy generation component of the energy matrix is now at 351 MW.

Akuo Energy is headquartered in Paris, France and has operations in 18 countries around the world. The power plant was financed by a US$80 million funding from the International Finance Corporation of the Canadian government.


TSA orders Ministry of Public Works to stop building bus terminal
The Superior Administrative Court (TSA) ordered the Ministry of Public Works to halt construction of a bus terminal on Parque Mirador del Este grounds. The court upheld the injunction issued in October 2018 in response to an appeal for protection submitted by eastern Santo Domingo community groups. The bus terminal has government funding and the support of Santo Domingo East Mayor Alfredo Martinez.

Singer-composer and politician Manuel Jiménez, who has championed the stop to the construction, said that the TSA is giving the Ministry of Public Works five days to comply with the order.

Community groups oppose the construction of the bus terminal, arguing it will affect the recreational park area of the Mirador del Este Park, reduce parking area for the park and affect the Los Tres Ojos tourist attraction that is right next door to the chosen site.

The TSA is the court in charge of validating actions by government entities.

Infotep should take on Samaná polytechnic school to get it up and working
Ombudswoman Zoila Martínez is campaigning for the wiring of the Samaná vocational high school so that equipment donated nine years ago by the Spanish government can be installed. Martínez has taken up the case and is lobbying before President Danilo Medina and Education Minister Antonio Peña Mirabal to get the new equipment operational by the next school year.

The equipment would enable the students to participate in workshops in refrigeration, gastronomy, tourism, computer sciences and electricity.

Martínez has taken up the case after the Listín Diario reported on the abandoned equipment.

Martínez says that the National Institute for Vocational Technical Training (Infotep) should take on the vocational school, as it has done for other polytechnics around the country.

The Samaná high school director Amable García said that a similar donation was made to the Polytechnic of Consuelo in southeastern San Pedro de Macorís, and that school has been making full use of the equipment since 2014.


Metro builder Diandino Peña hospitalized
The builder of the first and second lines of the Santo Domingo Metro, engineer Diandino Peña was hospitalized in the Centro de Medicina Avanzada Abel González located on Av. Abraham Lincoln.

Peña was replaced from the position as director of the Metro in 2017 after TV investigative journalist Alicia Ortega published an expose regarding his multiple businesses outside of the Metro.


Diario Libre to represent Internet Media Services
Grupo Diario Libre announced it reached an agreement with digital marketing company Internet Media Services (IMS) to be their representative in the Dominican Republic. IMS is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television Networks and is one of the largest digital ad sales and media buying companies in Latin America. Manuel A. Pellerano signed for Grupo Diario Libre (GDL) and Pamela Chavarría for IMS.

IMS exclusively represents Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify and more than five thousand global and local publishers across 30 countries in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. Leading brands like Electronic Arts (EA), Foursquare, LinkedIn, Spotify, Snapchat, Twitter, Yahoo, Twitch, Vevo and Waze work exclusively with IMS to strengthen their presence in Latin America. IMS is headquartered in Miami.

Pellerano explained that the objective of the commercial alliance is to ratify GDL's commitment to bring innovative proposals to its clients, this time adding more media to its digital portfolio, to offer its business partners a higher return on investment (ROI). With the agreement, IMS seeks to continue developing its robust product portfolio in the Latin American region, especially in the Dominican Republic, to bring the brands closer to the public.


Palmar de Ocoa residents protest violation of environmental laws
The Sociedad por el Desarrollo de la Bahía de Ocoa is lobbying to stop environmental degradation of the recreational area. Bernardita García, Marion Pagés and Rafael Paulino, members of the organization, called for the authorities to put a stop to the industrialization of the area.

The members of the organization visited several leading radio and TV talk shows to complain about the proposal for a shipyard, the transshipment at sea of propane gas for export to Caribbean countries, and the operation and future clinker installation of a cement manufacturing plant that does not have its full operation permits.

García explained that around 10 years ago during an emergency situation due to a scarcity of propane gas, a temporary permit was issued to a tanker to store propane for domestic use. Even though the emergency situation no longer exists, now at any time more than 10 propane tankers can be seen at sea carrying out fuel transshipment operations. García complained that this operation is against the law as the area is a national park, Parque Nacional Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deño.

Paulino said the development association members met with Environment Minister Angel Estevez, who told them he was not aware of the situation and asked for 20 days to get up to date. The meeting happened in 2018, and the tanker traffic in the area continues.

The community spokespeople also complained about the operation of a cement manufacturing plant that only has permission to explore for limestone, but at present is manufacturing cement.

The community spokespeople demanded an end to the violations of Environmental Law 64-00, the Sectorial Law on Protected Areas 202-04 that created the Hatillo forestry area, and Decree 571-09 that upgrades the area from forestry reserve to national park status.


Colegio Agustiniano director case to be heard in La Vega court
After lengthy delays, the Second Instruction Court of La Vega ordered the start of the trial against a Roman Catholic priest who is accused of raping a minor when serving as director of the leading private school in La Vega, the Colegio Agustiniano. The court renewed the coercive measure against the accused, Miguel Bienvenido Florenzán Ulloa, who has been allowed to remain under house arrest.

Florenzán Ulloa is accused of sexual, physical and psychological aggression to the detriment of the then minor, Víctor Mañón Arias, according to the file. Mañón, now 22 years old, made the accusations after moving to the United States to study international business. He said the sexual abuse began when he was in sixth grade and had just recently suffered the death of his father. The victim is represented by lawyer Carlos Salcedo.


280 packs of cocaine inside a freight container at the Multimodal Caucedo Port
According to the National Narcotics Control Agency (DNCD) intelligence agents and canine units detected four black bundles with 280 packs of suspected cocaine inside a freight container at the Multimodal Caucedo Port in the municipality of Boca Chica. The cargo had arrived from Venezuela.
Spokesman for the DNCD, Carlos Devers said that five people are under custody in the ongoing investigation.


No motives are given for attempted murder of David Ortiz
The Police director Ney Aldrín Bautista and Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez named three people that investigators say are the material authors of the shooting of baseball player David Ortiz. Rolfy Ferreyra Cruz or Ramón Martínez (Rolfi) is identified as the man who fired at Ortiz on Sunday, 9 June 2019, at the Dial Bar & Lounge of Ensanche Ozama in eastern Santo Domingo. He was arrested in northwestern Mao, Valverde, together with Oliver Moisés Mirabal Acosta. Eddy Vladimir Feliz García (El Nata) was the first suspect arrested after the motorcycle he was driving skidded and he and the shooter fell off. The gunman got away at the time, but Feliz García was captured and beaten by a crowd.

In the press conference called at the Public Ministry on Wednesday, 12 June 2019, with the participation of Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez and Police director Ney Aldrin Bautista, the authorities said others are under arrest in the case.

The Police director said that the coordinator of the action had been contracted for RD$400,000. Nevertheless, despite saying that the material authors of the crime had been captured in 72 hours after the attack, Bautista nor Rodríguez did not name the intellectual authors of the crime or the motive.

The Police presented surveillance video showing evidence that the attempted murder had been planned. The Police showed surveillance video in which the two suspects who arrived on the motorcycle had met with other persons in two vehicles that were in the area. The Police director said it has evidence that one of the cars had been that same day in Mao.

The director of the Police said that police investigators are handling several hypotheses concerning the possible motive for the crime and that the investigation is ongoing as evidence is collected. He said this was a preliminary statement made just 72 hours after the crime. The Police expects to be able to offer more details soon. The Police is building several hypotheses primarily from testimonies and evidence from surveillance videos in Santo Domingo and Mao.

The Police director said that on the same Sunday of the attack at 5:30pm a surveillance vehicle captured how Eddy Vladimir Feliz García (El Nata) had met with Oliver Moisés Mirabal Acosta in Las Caobas neighborhood in northern Santo Domingo. Mirabal Acosta would later be arrested on Tuesday evening in Mao, Valverde.

The director of the Police said that surveillance followed two vehicles and showed a woman also meeting with the group in Las Caobas meeting with Feliz Garcia and Mirabal Acosta. The surveillance cameras confirmed the same cars were later at Calle Octavio Mejía Ricart in Ensanche Ozama at the time of the shooting at 9:20 pm, and on one occasion the occupants of the motorcycle boarded the vehicle, leaving their bike parked outside, and later re-boarded the bike to head to the Dial Bar & Lounge.

The director of the Police stressed that they are in the investigative phase and could not share more details. “Trust that we will have the motive and other details,” he said.

The suspected shooter does not have a police record. Nevertheless, Oliver Mirabal has other cases pending in the judiciary.

Police director Bautista said that the case is receiving the normal attention of a criminal investigation process. He said the Police has been working overtime to present the material authors, including the person who fired at David Ortiz. He said during a second phase of the investigations would provide the results of the ongoing investigation.

The Police presented the Hi-Power Browning pistol that would have been used to shoot Ortiz.

The Police identified a silver Hyundai, property of the wife of Oliver Moises Mirabal, and a Hyundai Sonata in which Porfirio Allende and his spouse “La Venezolana” (also Pelirubia) were on board.

The Police said that others in custody and suspected as accomplices in the shooting case are Joel Rodríguez de la Cruz (Calamardo), Porfirio Allende Dechamps Vásquez (Nene) and Reynaldo Rodríguez Valenzuela. The Police says they are on the trail of Luis Alfredo Rivas (El Cirujano), “La Venezolana,” Marcos Díaz and Alexander.

The Attorney General named the suspect gunman as Ramon Martínez (Rolfi), while the Police director referred to him as Rolfy Ferreyra Cruz.

Diario Libre reported that the Rolfy Ferreyra and Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase have criminal records in the United States.

Ines Aizpun writes in a Diario Libre editorial on the successful operation at the Centro de Medicina Avanzada Abel González that saved David Ortiz’s life.


Dominican volleyball loses to the Netherlands
The Dominican senior volleyball team, The Caribbean Queens, lost to The Netherlands 0-3 when playing in Stuttgart, Germany. The scores were: 18-25, 21-25, 19-25. With this loss, the Dominican team is out of the finals that are to be played in China between the top six teams. The DR team is now in 11th place in the 16-team championship with 11 games played and five wins.

The Dominican team will next play Belgium at 11:30am Dominican time on 13 June 2019. All three matches between Belgium and Dominican Republic in world level major competitions were played in five sets, with Belgium winning once and Dominican Republic twice.


Victor Manuelle at the Jaragua Renaissance
American-born Puerto Rican salsa and son singer and songwriter Victor Manuelle is booked for a best-hits performance at 10pm on Saturday, 15 June 2019 at the Teatro La Fiesta of the Jaragua Renaissance Hotel. Tickets start at RD$3,950 online at Uepa Tickets.
Victor Manuelle is known as “The Singer of Youths” (El Sonero de la Juventud).

Paloma San Basilio concert
Spanish singer Paloma San Basilio brings her “Mas Cerca” show to Dominican fans. She is booked to sing at 10pm on Saturday, 22 June 2019 at the Teatro La Fiesta of the Jaragua Renaissance Hotel. Tickets start at RD$2,165 online at Uepa Tickets.