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DR1 Daily News takes a break for Good Friday
Dominican Republic – Coronavirus Covid-20: Bulletin #20: 8 April 2020
Waddys Jaquez is recovering from coronavirus
Santiago declares state of emergency
Major coronavirus operation in San Francisco de Macoris
Is there a black market for rapid response coronavirus tests?
City government of Puerto Plata gets tested for coronavirus
Puerto Plata steps up its capacity to handle Covid-19 cases
UNICEF online fundraiser collects RD$8,211,739 million in the DR to help health care workers
Most supermarkets will close on Good Friday
Teachers union purchases ventilators to improve ICU service at teaching hospitals in Santo Domingo and Santiago
Citizen Participation: Coronavirus citizen safety guide
Special flights departing from Las Americas International continue to evacuate passengers
Most supermarkets will close on Good Friday
Buy local! Abundance of fresh produce in supermarkets
New system based on artificial intelligence can produce coronavirus diagnostic in minutes
Angela Pozo says she tested negative for the coronavirus
Berlinesa Franco, director of Inaipi resigns; government fires childcare agency staff
Major irregularities in emergency contracting by Inaipi
Miguel Ceara Hatton: Why is the government not buying at the lowest price?
Abinader urges concerted effort to tackle present health, economic and political crisis
7,487,040 Dominicans are eligible to vote in Dominican presidential elections
Federico Antún Batlle: DR needs for PAHO to approve date for presidential elections
Melanio Paredes: What’s with the OAS audit on the suspended 16 February elections?
Three sent to custody for murder of Frenchman in Santo Domingo
Fly a kite; Traditional Easter activity is sign of hope
Dominican chef Maria Marte cooks “The Last Supper”

DR1 Daily News takes a break for Good Friday
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Dominican Republic – Coronavirus Covid-20: Bulletin #20: 8 April 2020
Coronavirus Bulletin #20 shows the Dominican Republic with 2,111 confirmed cases, 155 new cases and 108 deaths. The National District leads with the most new cases. Some 6,358 PCR diagnostic tests are accounted for in the official statistical bulletin.

The confirmed cases continue to be concentrated in the National District and Santo Domingo Province (Greater Santo Domingo), Santiago, Duarte and La Vega. Many of the new cases in the National

As of 7 April at 6pm, the largest number of new cases were reported for the National District (39) and Santo Domingo province (34). Next in number of new cases are Santiago (29), Duarte (13), Monseñor Nouel (6), San Cristóbal (6), Sánchez Ramírez / Cotuí (5), Hermanas Mirabal / Salcedo (5) and Puerto Plata (4) of 32 provinces and the National District.

According to Bulletin #20 of the Ministry’s Epidemiology Department, the evolution of the health crisis nationwide is:

National District: 762 cases, 39 new cases, 17 deaths, including 2 new deaths
Santo Domingo province: 348 cases, 34 new cases, 16 deaths, including 2 new deaths
Santiago: 274 cases, 29 new cases, 8 deaths
Duarte (San Francisco de Macorís): 154 cases, 13 new cases, 38 deaths
La Vega: 109 cases, 6 deaths
La Altagracia (Higuey, Veron, Punta Cana): 44 cases, 1 death
Espaillat (Moca, Gaspar Hernández): 55 cases, 9 new cases, 1 death
Monseñor Nouel (Bonao): 45 cases, 6 new cases, 3 deaths, including 1 new death
Puerto Plata: 42 cases, 4 new cases
La Romana: 35 cases, 1 death
San Cristóbal: 40 cases, 6 new cases, 1 death
Sánchez Ramírez (Cotuí): 34 cases, 5 new cases, 3 new deaths,
San Pedro de Macorís: 26 cases, 4 deaths
Hermanas Mirabal / Salcedo: 28 cases, 5 new cases, 2 deaths
María Trinidad Sánchez / Nagua: 20 cases, 1 new case, 1 death
Samaná: 15 cases, 1 death
San Juan de la Maguana: 13 cases, 3 deaths
Barahona: 12 cases
Valverde: 11 cases
Peravia: 12 cases, 2 new cases, 1 death
Azua: 9 cases, 1 new case
Santiago Rodríguez: 5 cases
Hato Mayor: 5 cases, 1 new case
Monte Plata: 4 cases, 1 death
Montecristi: 3 cases
Dajabón: 1 case
Independencia: 1 case
Pedernales: 1 case
El Seibo: 2 cases
Baoruco: 1 case

Provinces with no reported cases of Covid-19 as of 7 April 2020 at 6pm: Elías Piña and San José de Ocoa.

Haiti reports 27 confirmed cases and one death, with 264 PCR diagnostic tests carried out as of 7 April 2020.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0z20YWWHpI -- Press Conference Bulletin #20

Waddys Jaquez is recovering from coronavirus
Dominicana’s Got Talent host, actor and theater director Waddys Jaquez said last night that he spent three weeks in coma as he struggled to battle pneumonia that resulted after he caught Covid-19. Jaquez lives in New York City.

"People, the coronavirus is real and it's killing a lot of people in the world," begins Jáquez in the video clip that went viral last night after he shared it through his social networks. Jaquez said he had recorded the video several weeks ago but it was not until last night when he was able to share it.

He appealed to all to understand the importance of staying home to avoid the spread of the disease.


Santiago declares state of emergency
The Santiago municipal council declared the municipality of Santiago in a State of Public Emergency and Risk. Resolution 3260-20 establishes the state of emergency will last 100 days. The resolution grants special powers to Mayor Abel Martinez to carry out actions to reduce the spread of the disease. As of 8 April 2020 (Coronavirus Bulletin #20), there were 8 deaths and 274 positive cases in Santiago. This includes 29 new cases.

The Municipal Council granted Mayor Abel Martínez powers to refocus municipal spending to direct the city government resources to combat the disease. Martinez was re-elected mayor of Santiago in the 15 March municipal election. He is scheduled to be sworn in on 24 April 2020.


Major coronavirus operation in San Francisco de Macoris
Public Health Minister, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas announced during his 8 April 2020 press briefing that teams from the Ministry of Public Health would be in San Francisco de Macorís on Thursday, 9 April to carry out extensive rapid response tests. He said that a good number of PCR tests would also be available. Overall, more than 2,000 tests are expected to be carried out in the coronavirus hotspot.


Is there a black market for rapid response coronavirus tests?
The Public Health Minister, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, denounced that rapid response tests for coronavirus are being sold for US$45 to US$800 by unauthorized dealers. The long delays people experience in getting tested for Covid-19 in the Dominican Republic can explain the pricing for tests outside of the authorized channels.

Public Health Minister Sánchez Cárdenas said that anyone who is offered one of those tests should denounce the vendors. He said the authorities would confiscate these.

He said the diagnostic test vendors would need to be authorized by the Drugs, Food and Health Products Agency (Digemaps) of the Ministry of Public Health.

An acute shortage of diagnostic tests has affected the Dominican Republic since the first case was reported on 1 March 2020. As of Bulletin #20 of the Ministry of Public Health, including tests reported up to 6pm on 7 April 2020, the Ministry has shared the results of 6,358 tests, with 2,111 persons testing positive.

To date, unless you are famous, very wealthy, or have very good contacts in the government, the wait to get tested is generally upwards of two weeks. This is despite showing symptoms for the disease and having a doctor prescription for the test. Reports are that most people have not access to the test until they recover from the disease or die.


City government of Puerto Plata gets tested for coronavirus
Journalist Altagracia Salazar reported on her morning talk show, “Sin Maquillaje” that a private company was hired by that city government to carry out rapid response tests to Puerto Plata city government staff. Diagnostic tests in the Dominican Republic are scarce. As of 8 April 2020, the results of only 6,358 PCR diagnostic tests are included in the official coronavirus bulletin #20.


Puerto Plata steps up its capacity to handle Covid-19 cases
The Bournigal Medical Center, the largest private clinic in the city of Puerto Plata, announced that it has habilitated a new isolation area to serve Covid-19 patients on the north coast. In a press release, the hospital says it has a new triage area, and an area on its third floor for patients that need to be hospitalized and may require intensive care respiratory therapy. The area has been expanded with 18 new rooms and now will have capacity for 24 beds in isolation.

The hospital says it will have capacity to attend to 42 patients simultaneously. The areas are managed under strict biosecurity standards by a qualified medical team.

The hospital announces it has a telephone support line set up so that Puerto Plata residents can receive an orientation on Covid-19, available from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Sunday. The numbers are (809) 284-7985 and (809) 412-5555. The hospital says trained health care workers can clarify any doubts and perform a telephone triage of medical conditions.

The press release backs announcements from the government that there is a plan to decentralize diagnostic tests and increase the supply of these.

As of 8 April 2020, there had been no deaths for coronavirus in Puerto Plata.


UNICEF online fundraiser collects RD$8,211,739 million in the DR to help health care workers
Entertainers of the Dominican Republic performed on the “Together for You” virtual televised cyber marathon via TeleSistema, Channel 11, Teleantillas, Channel 2, and Digital 15, Channel 15. The RD$8 million collected will go to purchase medical supplies for local hospitals. Several foreign artists participated with online performances, including Ricardo Montaner, Luis Fonsi, Franco de Vita and Kany Garcia. Other performers were Romeo Santos, Juliana O’Neal, Manny Cruz, Mark B, Marcos Yaroide, Nathalie Hazim, Covi Quintana performing from their quarantine at home.

The hosts of the show were Roberto Cavada, Roberto Angel Salcedo, Milagros German and Jatnna Tavarez. Jose Pinky Pintor was the producer. Also participating were show business hosts Caroline Aquino, Tania Baez, Nahiony Reyes, Diana Lora, actor Carlos de la Mota, and Musicologo, among others.


Teachers union purchases ventilators to improve ICU service at teaching hospitals in Santo Domingo and Santiago
The National Public Schools Association (ADP) announced they have donated 10 ventilators, six for Santo Domingo and four to Santiago, to be used by medical centers operated by the public school teachers' health plan, ARS Semma. These are being installed at the Hospital Docente Semma Santo Domingo (HDSSD) in Santo Domingo and the Hospital Docente Semma Santiago.

The president of the teachers’ union, Xiomara Guante, said they have also distributed World Health Organization (WHO)-certified rapid response diagnostic tests, N95 masks and surgical masks, as well as complete reusable and disposable protective suits for health care workers, laser thermometers, protective goggles and cleaning supplies.

Guante said that the union would continue to purchase rapid response tests to be applied to the public school teachers and their families. She said that many colleagues are at home with symptoms of the virus waiting to be tested. She said the ventilators will make it possible to expand the intensive care units at the public school teachers' service.


Citizen Participation: Coronavirus citizen safety guide
The civic watchdog group Participación Ciudadana has prepared a guide with recommendations for those living in the Dominican Republic to survive the present coronavirus pandemic.

The guide can be downloaded online at:

Special flights departing from Las Americas International continue to evacuate passengers
The Civil Aviation Board (JAC) has approved eight evacuation flights from Las Americas International Airport (SDQ) to ferry foreign citizens who were stranded in the country after the shutdown of airline operations. Luis Jose Lopez, spokesperson for the airport, said the operations are being carried out through Thursday, 9 April 2020. The flights are by JetBlue and Delta Airlines. The flights arrive without passengers from the United States and depart to Luis Munoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico and to New York City’s John F. Kennedy International airport.

"We want to clarify, so that there is no misunderstanding, that the eight flights that will be made this week, as well as those that have been made in the past, are flights for the departure of passengers on ferry flights, which arrive without passengers," said Luis Lopez. He said the JAC has authorized that the Las Americas International Airport is the only airport through which the special flights are being carried out.


Most supermarkets will close on Good Friday
Expect a total practical shutdown on Good Friday, 10 April 2020. The country is already under a stay-at-home order and curfew from 5pm to 6am. But on Good Friday, silence should be the norm as the nation looks and reflects on what could be done better. Already several major stores have announced they will not open for the date.

Buy local! Abundance of fresh produce in supermarkets
Supermercados Nacional is urging Dominican consumers to give priority on their shopping lists to buying fresh produce. The supermarket chain says it has an abundance of watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, avocados, papaya, limes, and legumes, among other produce. Local farm producers have been hit hard by the shutdown of the tourism industry, their main customer.

In an advertisement in the media today, Supermercados Nacional says that the producers have extra inventories due to the cancelation of airlift for exports.

New system based on artificial intelligence can produce coronavirus diagnostic in minutes
Claro announced the installation and start of operation of a coronavirus auxiliary diagnostic system at the Dr. Marcelino Velez Santana Regional Hospital in Santo Domingo. The National District is the center of the most infections due to the epidemic in the Dominican Republic.

Claro reports the technology is a joint collaboration between Claro Dominicana, the Chinese company Huawei and the government of the People’s Republic of China.

The technological application is called AI Solution CT Chest Image. It enables early detection of pneumonia caused by Coronavirus (PCP), through medical images that allow the analysis of a high-resolution CT scan of the chest. Patients who need special care can get it earlier. The system can save lives.

The Marcelino Velez is the first center in the country equipped with the system. Claro announced it has deployed a fiber optic link at no cost to provide the necessary connectivity for access to the Huawei equipment. The system is estimated to cost US$200,000.


Angela Pozo says she tested negative for the coronavirus
The vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, Angela Pozo, says her recent test results came back negative. She was tested after the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Radhames Camacho, tested positive. The test was carried out on 28 March 2020 at the Luis L. Bogaert Regional Hospital, according to a letter signed by epidemiologist Delson Minier.

The Chamber of Deputies has convened for a session on Thursday, 9 April 2020 at 10am to review the resolution passed in the Senate for extending the National Emergency State through 8 May 2020, or another 25 days. The session had been scheduled for Monday, 6 April but was suspended after Camacho reported he had tested positive.

The session scheduled for Thursday, 9 April will be stream lived on YouTube.


Berlinesa Franco, director of Inaipi resigns; government fires childcare agency staff
After a government supplier produced evidence of irregularities in a recent tender for the purchase of 40,000 food kits at the National Institute for Early Childhood Care (Inaipi), the Medina administration responded firing the staff. The director of the Inaipi, Berlinesa Franco resigned.

Danilo Medina has personal ties to France. He was best man at the wedding of Franco to the late Juan de los Santos. He is also the godfather of one of her children.

Flavio Dario Espinal, legal advisor to President Danilo Medina, upon making the announcement to the nation from the Presidential Palace, said those that had been fired at Inaipi will be sent to justice. Espinal said that the resigning director of Inaipi said that the contracting procedures were violated in the rush to get aid to the needed.

Coinciding with the circulation of the presidential decree in which the Inaipi officers were fired, Yokasta Guzmán, the director of the Procurement Agency, appeared on Esta Noche con Mariasela variety show but did not have details to share to substantiate any wrongdoings in the procedures. She said the case would be investigated. She defended the procurement procedures under the Medina administration. During the Wednesday, 8 April TV show, the food packaging businessman, Pablo Cabrera produced new evidence of the irregularities in the RD$100 million bid for food kits.

President Dailo Medina appointed Kenia Lora Abreu to head Inaipi. At the time, Lora was the director of the National Council Children and Teenagers (Conani). Lora has been in the Medina administration since its start. Early on she was named secretary of President Danilo Medina. She later was sent to serve abroad in a diplomatic position. Lora was also appointed to sit on the board of the governmental Banco de Reservas. She is a graduate in social communications.

Berlinesa Franco is the daughter of Franklin Franco and half sister of Marisol Franco, the spouse of Cesar Emilio Peralta (Cesar el Abusador), a Dominican drug kingpin with a lengthy criminal record for his involvement in narcotics trafficking and violence, who is now under arrest in Colombia, awaiting extradition to the United States.

A Google search reveals that Berlinesa and Marisol’s father, today 70-year old Franklin Franco, is regarded as one of the country’s first notable drug trafficker. He reportedly relocated to the Dominican Republic after escaping from jail in Sandstone, Minnesota in the United States. He was charged locally for drug trafficking cases but President Joaquin Balaguer never authorized the requested extradition to the United States. Franco remained in jail for around nine years on the local charges of drug trafficking.

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YLTcReJn2vE - Esta Noche con Mariasela
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUwI1y3pck8 - Altagracia Salazar Sin Maquillaje

Major irregularities in emergency contracting by Inaipi
The National Institute for Early Childhood Care (Inaipi) is directed by Berlinesa Franco, who is the widow of Juan de los Santos, founder of the country’s largest sports betting chain and a former mayor of the municipality of Santo Domingo East. De los Santos died when murdered on 15 December 2015 by a disgruntled employee. After his death, his widow was appointed to the position.

Now, while the country is undergoing the worst health and economic crisis ever, the media carries the story of major irregularities at the government agency where emergency procurement operations have been authorized.

Government supplier Pablo Cabrera, who is the president of La Z, a food distributor and supplier, denounced on “Esta Noche con Mariasela” TV variety show major irregularities in a recent procurement operation. He produced proof whereby the government entity had posted a request the bids for food kits order at 6pm obliging bidders to submit the bid no later than 9am on the following morning.

The call for bids dated 31 March 2020 was to supply Inaipi with 40,000 food kits. He said the winner of the bid was not one of the four that registered for the tender. He said the winner won a contract to supply the 40,000 food kits for RD$2,500, when the kit components cost no more than RD$600 each. He said an insider in Inaipi sent him a photo of the components that were included in the winning bid for RD$2,500 for each of the 40,000 food kits, or a purchase order for RD$100 million.

Cabrera says evidence of the contracting was erased from the Inaipi website but that he photographed everything and kept copies that are evidence of what he is saying. He said he knows he may be sued for making the claims and thus has sought to substantiate his claims.

Carlos Pimentel, of the civic watchdog organization Citizen Participation, said that the organization's purchase of food kits does not fall under the exemptions granted by the National State of Emergency. Pimentel said that what Cabrera described does not fall under the requirements for government procurement. He said a tender cannot be called one day and closed on the next. Pimentel mentioned that the tender is not listed in the contracting carried out in March. Cabrera said the tender was erased, but he has a copy of the tender as evidence.

Pimentel called for Yokasta Guzmán, the director of the National Procurement Agency, to explain the situation of this contracting, and for Inaipi to also give an explanation. He said from what Cabrera explains, several requirements of the Procurement Law 340-06 were violated.

https://youtu.be/QSCSLL148y4 -- Esta Noche con Mariasela

Miguel Ceara Hatton: Why is the government not buying at the lowest price?
Economist Miguel Ceara Hatton of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) says the Medina administration has paid exorbitant prices for medical supplies during the present coronavirus epidemic. He said the government chose supply offers that were up to 12 times more than the lowest bidders. Ceara Hatton is secretary of public policies for the PRM. He is a former coordinator of the United Nations Human Development Report.

He mentions a purchase order for disposable medical caps that was allotted to two companies with two very different prices. Group Z Healthcare Products Dominicana offered these for RD$2.95 each, while Support Solution Nuguer offered the same item for RD$35 per unit. He also mentioned the government sources latex gloves from companies selling them for RD$307 and for RD$1,239. In the case of disposable masks, he said the government purchased these from vendors that sold these for RD$454 to RD$3,000.

Ceara Hatton says that price differences over time are understandable, not so in the same tender. He requested an explanation on the purchase decisions, especially since the companies offering low prices said they had enough supplies to cover the entire order.

The government would have had major savings in the purchase if it had bought from the lowest bidders.

Ceara Hatton criticized the recently appointed coronavirus purchases oversight committee. He questioned whether people with vested interests should be on the monitoring committee. “You can't be judge and jury,” he said. “What this country needs today is transparency and institutionality.”


Abinader urges concerted effort to tackle present health, economic and political crisis
Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) presidential candidate, Luis Abinader urged that Dominican leadership meet to together define the national strategies so that the country can face the challenges the coronavirus epidemic has brought upon the nation.

"These common challenges cannot be addressed by any single organization or political figure alone," he said, reiterating his view that "this is the time for national unity, to abandon individual interests and to embrace dialogue and consultation. It is time to define a national plan to combat the Covid-19, to have a national strategy to react to it, and to have a national strategy to fight against it," he said.

The coronavirus epidemic has impacted almost all productive sectors in the country. The nation’s leading hard currency sources – the tourism industry and remittances have felt the full brunt of the global crisis. The Ministry of Labor reports upwards of 700,000 employees suspended from their jobs.

Presidential and congressional elections are scheduled for 17 May 2020. Sectors agree there are no conditions for the election to be held on that date and the election needs to be postponed. Presidential and The February Diario Libre-Greenberg poll showed that Abinader lead 52% to 24% over Gonzalo Castillo, the ruling Dominican Liberation Party candidate and Leonel Fernández of People’s Force with 17%.

As the coronavirus escalates, the scenario of there not being able to be a change of government in August 2020 becomes a reality. If elections are not able to be held, the present government will continue in power.


7,487,040 Dominicans are eligible to vote in Dominican presidential elections
The Central Electoral Board (JCE) announced the voting list for the 2020 presidential and congressional election. These are scheduled for 17 May 2020, but given that the country is waging a war against the coronavirus a new date is expected to be announced soon. Of the 7.4 million, 6,934,053 live in the Dominican Republic and 595,879 live abroad. Of the total, 42,892 are eligible to vote for the first time.

There are different proposals for a new date for the election, including 5 July or 12 July 2020. The Constitution establishes that the new President be sworn in on 16 August.


Federico Antún Batlle: DR needs for PAHO to approve date for presidential elections
The president of the Christian Social Reformist Party (PRSC), Federico Antún Batlle, said today that it agrees with the Central Electoral Board (JCE) decision to postpone the presidential and congressional elections, given the current health crisis. The presidential and congressional election had been scheduled for 17 May 2020. A second round had been set for 28 June.

In a letter to the JCE, Antún Batlle recommends that any new date have the approval of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), which would signal that the situation has been sufficiently brought under control to guarantee the safety and health of voters and personnel involved in the process.

The dates of 5 July and 12 July, with a possible second round date of 26 July has been suggested.

The JCE had given the political parties through Thursday, 9 April 2020, to issue their recommendations on the postponing of the election.

On occasion of the celebration of the 15 March 2020 of the municipal election, Alma Morales, local PAHO representative , had signed off on the elections, saying it was safe for Dominicans to vote. Several videos that have circulated online show that congregations of people for campaign activities before and after the election led to the spreading of the disease locally.


Melanio Paredes: What’s with the OAS audit on the suspended 16 February elections?
Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) central committee member Melanio Paredes says the nation should hear about the findings of the Organization of American States (OAS) commission that was entrusted to investigate the aborted municipal election.

The investigation would be carried out by electoral experts of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (Ifes) and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organizations (Uniore) and theOAS.



Three sent to custody for murder of Frenchman in Santo Domingo
The Office of the Attorney General reported three men were sent to preventive custody for the murder of French citizen Jean Paul Laurent Schneider. The state prosecutors accuse Jose Enrique Alcántara (Guandel), Aderly Alcántara (Esteban) and Jinol Bastiene (El Haitiano) of robbery and murder. The French citizen was murdered on 27 March 2020 after the penetrated his residence in Arroyo Manzano in northern Santo Domingo. The Public Ministry says the individuals operated in association with four others that are fugitive of justice. The assailants stole three cell phones, two laptops, three hard disks, cash and a 50-inch TV, among other articles. The investigation was carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency of the Police (Dicrim).

The accused were in jail at the Palacio de la Justicia jail.


Fly a kite; Traditional Easter activity is sign of hope
Pedro Bazil of Diario Libre shares photographs and notes on kite flying off roofs in Santo Domingo.


Dominican chef Maria Marte cooks “The Last Supper”
A documentary on what was served for the last supper of the 12 disciples of Christ some 2020 years ago will air on History Channel in Spanish. The two Michelin stars Dominican chef tells about the experience in an interview on “Esta Noche con Mariasela” on Channel 9 and in the trailer for the documentary.

The 2020 dinner was served at the Siervas de Jesus nun convent in Spain. During her explanation, Marte tells how she introduced touches of Dominican cooking into the dinner, such as the use of cilantro and pigeon peas (guandules). She also said she learned after extensive research that lamb was very much part of the first dinner, contrary to generalized custom among Catholics of keeping meat out of the Easter diet. On the menu for the 2020 last supper were dishes with tilapia fish and sardines, goat cheese. Wine was served.