DR1 Travel News - 10 September 2019



Come to eat with Stassi and Sebastiani
Dance the night away at sea with Los Hermanos Rosario
Good jazz is coming to Santiago and Puerto Plata
travFACTS: What is real and what is fake in travel news

Come to eat with Stassi and Sebastiani
Chefs Saverio Stassi and Carlos Sebastiani have hooked up to serve two evenings of exceptional cuisine. Stassi is the Venezuelan executive chef at Pate Palo, Lulu, Indi and Jalao restaurants. Stassi was a judge at the MasterChef DR reality show. A Peruvian, Sebastiani is the new executive chef at the JW Marriott.

The seven-course dinner event is scheduled for the Grand Piantini hall of the JW Marriott on 18 and 19 September at 7pm. El Catador is choosing the wines and spirits for the evening.

Reservations are online at Uepa Tickets. Tickets can also be purchased at CCN Servicios, Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo superstores. Tickets for the dinner are RD$13,065 per person when purchased online.

Dance the night away at sea with Los Hermanos Rosario
Book an evening of dancing to the music of Los Hermanos Rosario on Saturday, 28 September 2019. The cruise will take merengue music lovers for a cruise on the M/V Kydon of Ferries del Caribe along the coastline of Santo Domingo for around three hours. In addition to Los Hermanos Rosario, Chabelly and Don Miguelo will also be performing. Travelers need a cedula, passport or drivers license as ID to board. The cruise is adults only.

The cruise leaves from the Terminal Don Diego of the Port of Santo Domingo at 6pm. General admission is RD$3,790, and special guest fares are RD$7,580, RD$6,495 and RD$5,415 when booking online at Uepa Tickets. Tickets are for sale at CCN Servicios, Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo superstores.

Good jazz is coming to Santiago and Puerto Plata
The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival is coming in October. The event opens with a Friday, 25 October 2019 concert at the Centro León in Santiago at 8 pm. The stars of the show are Pengbian Sang and Retro Jazz, followed by Arturo O'Farrill and The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra (Mexico/USA).

Then the jazz concerts move north to Puerto Plata with a 7pm concert scheduled for the city's central park with Jochy y su 4 Jazz and other performers.

On Friday, 1 November, Playa Alicia in Sosua will be the venue for the Berklee Global Jazz Institute (USA), Nando Michelin (Uruguay), the Dominican Jazz Project at 7pm. Before the music, a 6 pm fashion show with designs by Sissy Bermudez is scheduled.

On Saturday, 2 November, the music action moves to Cabarete Beach. There the performers will be Josean Jacobo (DR), Justin Kauflin Trio (USA), Miguel Zenon (Puerto Rico.
On Sunday, 3 November, the Berklee Global Jazz Institute (USA) will perform, as will Jane Bunnett and Maqueque (Canada and Cuba), and salsa singer José Alberto "El Canario" for the Dominican Republic.


travFACTS: What is real and what is fake in travel news
A new website seeks to set the record straight in travel reporting. travAlliancemedia and Apple Leisure Group (ALG) have launched travFACTS.org to help travelers distinguish between real and false media reports.

The website says it will analyze and correct erroneous travel media reports that disrupt vacationer travel and can be damaging to tourist destinations worldwide.

"We've seen it happen over and over when it comes to consumer travel reporting," said Mark Murphy, president and CEO of travAlliancemedia. "There's a rush to cover what appears to be a 'breaking news' story, only to see the story dropped later when the true facts, or lack of any evidence, is apparent. Unfortunately, there's a lot of economic damage caused by these actions, and it's rare to ever see a retraction, let alone a corrected version or future update from any of these outlets."

travFACTS.org will be devoted to serving the travel industry globally by pointing out what's false or misleading in the story in question while sharing the known or actual facts surrounding it.

The website is focusing on the Dominican Republic as the first destination that is featured on the new travFACTS website. The website says the country has been the victim of extensive negative media coverage in recent months.

"In the past several months, we have seen how media attention on issues in the Dominican Republic has affected travelers' confidence in the destination, and we have seen a decrease in bookings to the island," said Wendy Hoekwater, Apple Leisure Group Vacations' senior vice president of marketing. "As the number one tour operator to the Dominican Republic, we encourage vacationers and travel agents to separate media speculation from proven facts when picking a destination."

The long-term vision of the site is to feature all destinations and supplier categories around the globe, such as Mexico, Jamaica and Costa Rica, whenever there is unfair and unprofessional coverage by the media.

travFACTS.org's top priority is pointing out when consumer media outlets either get it wrong or don't have facts to back up their misleading claims in headlines, captions or the body of the story itself. The site breaks down the exact techniques the author is using to create click-bait material with no regards to the damage it is causing the destination or supplier featured.

"The media holds such a powerful position in influencing travel. When they get it wrong and don't go back to correct their mistakes, it can devastate a destination's tourism," said Eric Bowman, managing editor of TravelPulse.com, a product of travAlliancemedia. "travFACTS will be an important tool for all in the travel industry as it will inform readers of the truth behind a destination's travel reporting."

As the site grows, both travel agents and consumers can access this platform to get to the facts about travel to anywhere in the world that is being misreported on.

Theresa Norton, editor-in-chief of travAlliancemedia's AGENTatHOME magazine, says: "All too often, the facts get buried when incidents are sensationalized, which can ruin a destination's tourism economy."