DR1 Travel News - 8 October 2019



Catch a great show when visiting the Dominican Republic
Dominicana Moda returns to the Colonial City
DR is guest country at FIT-Argentina
Thermal waters at Sajoma are almost unknown

Catch a great show when visiting the Dominican Republic
One of the great things about traveling to the Dominican Republic is the opportunity to watch a world-class performer for less than it will cost in venues abroad.

Coming up are many international shows. Among these:
Wednesday, 9 October 2019. Il Volo performs at the Jaragua Renaissance's Teatro La Fiesta in Santo Domingo.
Friday, 11 October 2019. Grupo Niche performs at the Hard Rock Live at Blue Mall in Santo Domingo.

Saturday, 12 October 2019. Alejandro Fernández is booked to perform at the Hard Rock Punta Cana.

Tuesday, 15 and Wednesday, 16 October 2019. Raphael Re Sinphonico Tour 2019 with Raphael de España at the Jaragua Renaissance's Teatro La Fiesta in Santo Domingo.

Saturday, 26 October 2019. For Baby Boomers, there is "Voces de mi Tiempo," with Luisa Maria Guell, Chucho Avellanet, Lourdes Robles, Adalgisa Pantaleón, Víctor Víctor, Germain de la Fuente at the Jaragua Renaissance's Teatro La Fiesta.

To buy tickets online, check out Uepa Tickets and Ticket Express.

Dominicana Moda returns to the Colonial City
The Fortaleza Ozama in the Colonial City is the venue for the 14th edition of Dominicana Moda, the leading Dominican fashion show. The event is scheduled for 22-26 October 2019.

See runway shows by leading Dominican designers Giannina Azar, Arcadio Díaz, Leonel Lirio, Jenny Polanco, Jacqueline Then, Carlos de Moya, Rafael Rivero, Michelle Reynoso and Miguel Genao. Also, the Dominican brands Camila Casual, Cayena, Arnaldo Womenswear, Toribio Brand, Louardos and Achadom. There will be a children's fashion runway with Children Showcase from Little Tales and Dixy Kids collections. Coming from abroad are Toribio Brand of MB Fashion Week from Costa Rica and Charleston Brown from Jamaica.

Participating this year are the emerging designers Fancys Sinner by Laura Peña, Ramon Julio, Stephany Pérez, Facelles, Carolina Loz, Natasha Morales, Sinead Facelli and Mannelik Ortega, from San Juan Moda, Sonia Rivera and José Raúl, as well as the brand Leonardos Fifth Avenue.

The closing of the 14th Dominicana Moda will be by renowned Indian designer Naeem Khan.

DR is guest country at FIT-Argentina
The Dominican Republic was the featured guest country at the 24th International Tourism Fair (FIT) Latin America, the leading Argentina travel booking event. Argentina is a valuable source of tourists for Dominican resorts. The trade event is taking place 5-8 October 2019 in La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A large delegation of Dominican public and private sector tourism industry representatives traveled to Argentina to represent the country. Deputy Minister Fausto Fernández head the Dominican delegation. He explained that Argentina is the fourth largest provider of tourists to the country and the largest from Latin America.


Thermal waters at Sajoma are almost unknown
The Dominican Republic is a country that always surprises. There is such an abundance of different things to do, just around the corner: whales off the coast, deep caves with Taino drawings, a salt lake below sea level and the thermal springs in San José de las Matas (Sajoma).

San José de las Matas is gaining in popularity now. The municipality in the hills south of Santiago has lots of reasons to shine. Its Ecotourism Thermal Water Park, located in Los Montones, is a surprise attraction for many, but it is just one of the stars in the Sajoma firmament. The park was initially financed by the government, just like the Arroyo Hondo Theme Park and the La Ventana Park. It was then turned over to local organizations and institutions for upkeep and advertising.

The park opened just three years ago to the public. The waters come from a mountain and are carried by large pipes to a pool where visitors can enjoy a 20-minute plunge. The pool can only hold between 8 and 10 persons, thus limiting the time a person can stay in the warm waters. Right next door is another pool with water at normal temperature where visitors can take their time.

Access to the area is RD$125 for adults and a lesser sum[ for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

But that is not all. There is a swinging bridge over the Bao river that will give an adrenaline rush to most visitors. There is also a trail for hiking alongside the river. Visitors are urged to bring bug repellant and sunscreen for their visit.

A mountain town, Sajoma also has a lovely church, the Capilla La Milagrosa, that is perfect for picture-taking. Businessman Manuel Arsenio and his devote wife Camelia Rodríguez commissioned the construction of the church in the community of Los Montones. It has a capacity for 100 persons.