DR1ers and Dominican Ponches (Eggnogs)

What ponche brands do you like the best?

  • Crema de Oro

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  • Rica Ponche

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  • Circus Ponche Artesanal (Pistachio, Café)

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  • Maritza (Traditional, Café, Alexander)

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  • Sweet Details (Nutella, Dulce de Leche, Almendra)

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  • DIN Ponche

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  • Other Dominican ponche brand.

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Jan 20, 2003
The holidays is the major time for the consumption of ponches (eggnogs) in the Dominican Republic, despite all the non-artesanal ponche brands are on sale in Dominican supermarkets and other places yearround.

I have no idea if Dominican ponche brands are exported. All Dominican ponches are made in Dominican factories, so buying one is a small support for the people that work in these places.

Whst ponche brand is preferred in your home?

Some Dominican Ponche Brands

The leading Dominican ponches are made by Isidro Bordas from Santiago de los Caballeros.

Crema de Oro is the most traditional brand of Dominican ponches. I think it was the first created many decades ago.

This is their "newer" (not so new right now) version which comes in two flavors.


Santo Domingo based Rica is also in on the action with their ponche brand too. I think they are able of doing a better job with the packaging. Looks like their other juices. lol It only comes in one flavor.

I think that's it for 'normal' ponche brands from the Dominican Republic.

There are many other Dominican brands of the artesanal variety. These usually have a smaller productions, tend to not have preservatives and they tend to not be sold everywhere. Most are from Santo Domingo. Five Dominican artesanal ponche brands picked at random out of many.






There are also the imported eggnogs from the USA, Spain, etc.