Dreams Resort Palm beach Punta cana


Jun 22, 2009
Good morning all. So i have deciede to take my wife and our 4 year old to dreams resort punta cana for our anerversary next week.
I have a couple of question for our members.
Frist i will be taking my jeep from sosua what is the best route to take and how long will it take to drive.

Also i really want to go all out on this trip it is our 4 year anerversary on wenesday and it is the frist time since we got married that i am not away in canada on bussiness.
So any romantic suggetion of things to do and see in punta cana.
Or any must have excurrions or places to see.

I have lived in the north coast for over 5 years now but never been to punta cana

Thank you all have a great day

El Vegano

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Apr 20, 2006

Without doubt the best and safest route is via Santiago-Santo Domingo Duarte highway (minimum 3 hours to the capital) and then La Romana/Punta Cana part another 2 hours minimum so set a good chunk of time aside and drive safely. EV


Aug 22, 2008
I think it is more like 3 - 4 hours to Punta Cana from SD.
At least it was when I drove it.
From Sosua, leave 8 hours for the whole trip and you should arrive on time.

For me there is nothing more romantic than going sport fishing.
My wife would disagree, however.
Funny creatures, women.
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Feb 8, 2003
let me know how do you get to punta cana from SD in 2 hours. I drive very often in a jeepeta at 120km/h and it never been less than 3.5 hours, sometimes over 4.
the whole drive from Sosua would be at least 8 hours.
just to cross SD you will need at least 1 hour, maybe 1.5 during peak hours.


Apr 29, 2005
how about going to the new toll hwy in samana and miss santiago and santo domingo entirely.....thats worth 350 pesos in tolls


Jun 22, 2009
toll rd.

thank you for all your ideas,I love the sport fishing idea just have to sell it to the wife.
How is the toll wrote is it faster safer better or 1 or more of these


Nov 2, 2006
I did the trek from Cabarete to Punta Cana last month. We went via Samana and took the new toll road. It's a very pretty drive down to SDQ.

All in, the journey took about 7 hrs with a lunch break in Higuey.

The traditional gift for your 4th anniversary is flowers. Congratulations, by the way. Next year should be fun, it's supposed to be wood! LOL.


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Oct 6, 2008
things to do in Punta Cana

Hi Canuck1

Your hotel is in Cabeza de Toro where, as luck would have it, there's a marina for sport fishing ;-)

Take a walk to the right of your hotel beach, past Catalonia's beach and you will find a stretch of mostly deserted beach - great for a romantic picnic (remember to pack the champagne!).

Drive 15mins south, towards the airport. Punta Cana Ecological Reserve - definitely worth a visit. Take a tour around the reserve - flora n fauna (+ petting zoo for the kiddie) and yummy locally made honey. A must is a dip in their natural spring lagoons (Parque Ojos Indigenas).

The turning for Cap Cana is also near the airport. Luxury complex with magnificent marina and stunning Juanillo beach, but like a ghost town. Good restaurants, check out their website especially Faith Fallaron it's on a cliff/bluff with spectacular views (romantic - yes) Asian cuisine, reasonably priced. It even has a couple of helipads, incase you wanna arrive by private chopper :) Not sure what their opening hours are though.

Drive 40 mins north to Macao beach - beautiful, big beach with Dominican shack at far end - great for fresh seafood and a cold beer. Water at that end is normally calm and safe for your kiddie. Lots of atv tours and safari trucks pass thru there.

El Cortecito and Bavaro beaches are about 15-20mins north - where most of the hotels are. Lots of restaurants, lots of people. Palma Real Plaza maybe worth a look around - Tony Roma's, Hardrock, Akai Sushi y mucho mas...

Have a great trip!

BTW. there are only 2 gas stations - 1 in Veron (by Burger King) and 1 at the crossroads in Fruisa.


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Feb 28, 2006
Punta Cana/DR
welcome to the hood, Canuck,
and congrats on the anniversary.
i live right here on that beach in Cabeza de Toro, few hndred yards over the beach aside your hotel Dreams Palm Beach.
start selling those Spa vouchers to the Mrs,
b/c you are at the right spot for sportfishing, ha ha.
will leave my cellphone on your PM, if you wanna hook up for a cold one on the beach, just drop a call.
the best/most comfo/quickest/safest way is the route described above via the samana highway.
once you arrive in the PC area take your Gas at the big Shell Station in Veron, you can't miss that one.
you leave Higuey and in La Otra Banda, where the big signs say "turn right to bavar/punta cana", you turn right and stay on that road around 25 minutes, so you reach the crossing of Veron.
don't follow the signs which say "Bavaro left", stay on that road straight on, the Gas station is clearly visible on your right hand. take Gas there and follow the road straight on through Veron til you reach the only "T" crossing.
to the right would be your way towards the PC airport, You turn Left and follow that "Boulevard de Este" to the crossing where you turn right to Cabeza de Toro/Catalonia hotel/Dreams Palm Beach Hotel/Natura Park Hotel/Gran Oasis hotel.
that right turn is not very well signed, but no problem.
if you reach on that Boulevard a "T" turn, you missed the entrance, turn around and drive back, the next possibility(sandy crossing but paved after you turned), just a few hundred meters, turn left and follow that road straight on to the entrance of the Dreams Punta Cana.
it is a dead end road ending exactly at the entrance of the Dreams.
from the crossing to the hotel around 5 miles.
travelling with the family you sure will stop to grab some waters/food/bathroom on the way, i would count on 7 1/2 - 8hrs one way drive.
have a great time in the 'hood