Drone Video: Higuey


Mar 13, 2017
I'm with you.

But now, via la carretera del Coral, one could bypass Higüey in its entirety, on the way to Bávaro-Punta Cana area, or from B-PC if traveling to Bayahíbe and/or SD.

I always cringe when I see those safari-style trucks, full of European tourists, being shuffled around like caña pa'l ingenio around the mercado, with its hustle and bustle activity, sidewalks covered with filthy food products and trash scattered all around it. Most tourists choose PC for obvious reasons, and not to be sold a trip to the city in order "to see the real D.R."

My better half and I hail from the same part of town, but upon returning this summer, we've decided to stay close to PUJ, much to the chagrin of our relatives.
A big-city dweller, after having lived in NYC, Houston, Dallas, and Miami, I'd prefer the polígono central area of SD (Evaristo Morales, Piantini, etc...), but she ain't having no part of that SD traffic. So PUJ area will be it.
good choice
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