Drug Bust - SFdM police major arrested


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May 29, 2004
GOOD - DNCD acts upon international drug ring.
BAD - Police Major of the San Francisco de Macoris anti-narcotics unit was leading the drug caravan.
GOOD - DNCD arrested the police major.

GOOD or BAD? Is the DNCD doing their job OR was this particular police major stepping on some bigger toes and the DNCD just getting him out of the way? One just never quite knows for sure! Something about living here makes one cynical over time.

ElCaribe.com.do | Con Todo A Cada Minuto - Jefe Antidrogas De Sfm Cae Con 440 Kilos De Coca

The DNCD seized 440 kilos of cocaine at kilometer 25 of Autopista Duarte while transported in three SUVs by a gang led by a police major. (head of anti-narcotics in San Francisco de Macoris)

The National Drug Control Policy said that six men (four Dominicans and two Colombians) were arrested... allegedly belonging to an international drug ring that operated in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the United States.

The operation was the result of two months of intelligence work two by narcotics officers of the DNCD and Puerto Rico. The 440 kilos were distributed in 375 packages found in 15 plastic bags of different colors.


Jan 1, 2002
the Diario Libre said that the major was in charge of the antinarcotics unit in San PEDRO de Macoris...

anyway, it was an interesting caravan, a Lexus, a Navigator and a Toyota Sequoia.

Gee you think someone "might" notice that RD$12 million peso caravan going down the road??

But apparantly they were ratted out and the "good guys" knew all about the shipment.


The Listin Diario says it was SFM and that the guy was just assigned to the post two weeks ago...


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Nov 25, 2008
Funny how they stopped them BEORE they arrived to their final destination, must be come senators house.........makes you wonder

Bernard Jean-Pierre

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Oct 31, 2010
UGLY - trying to get something legit through Customs is so sincerely disgusting and so full of corruption, deceipt and enga?o its not even funny. The WHOLE thing is set up in order to 'legalize' theft, be it the actual material goods or on paper. And so the LEGIT business people trying to buy and sell can't because the import taxes falls back on those trying to buy thus further slowing the economy. And yet, tons of drugs enter the country ALL the time, ruining society, causing even MORE violence and disruption of adelantemiento social, and ol' Leo sits back like he is just a big dummy that doesn't know whats going on!! Por Dio' que paisito es ete'!
Everybody just gives this appearance of 'patria, republica, crecimiento, se puede realizar, logro, juntos' etc - JABLADORES!!! They could careless as long as they can put more pesos en el billetico, and put THEIR children through private schools and college, who cares that the country is drowning in drogas, delincuencia, violencia, falta de educacion, y una pobreza tremenda!?
I mean REALLY?!? Makes me sick to my stomach! estoy harto de eso! Hipocritas!