Dusting the overpass in Boca Chica

Nov 9, 2023
They are keeping the autopista clean so no one is tempted to leave it at BC!
However before the flyovers and all were done traffic was absolute chaos in that area.

El Hijo de Manolo

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Dec 10, 2021
Dominican Republic
For the second time in about 2 or 3 weeks as I was coming home from the gym, I saw a crew of about 7 or 8 muchachos sweeping up road dust. If BC was clean and pristine, I could see it. But BC is a toilet that has not been cleaned since Trujillo (or so it seems).

But to see 7 guys wasting their time sweeping dust around the overpass is just too much to bear. WTF are they doing? You could put these guys to work in the city doing something useful. Are other cities doing this or is it unique to BC? Should I volunteer to buy some polish so they can shine the side walls?
It’s a good thing you used the word “muchachos” in this otherwise all-English post. Now we understand your prowess of the Spanish language.

La Profe_1

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Oct 15, 2003
Hijo, are you capable of writing a snark-free post?

It has been said many times that DR1 is a website written in English. Why do you think that Dolores translates news articles about the DR into English?
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Jan 20, 2003
How do you think places like Santiago was quite clean. Even the barrios where hardly anyone not from there go were quite clean. It wasn’t because people stop throwing garbage in the streets.

What this does is highlight even more the incompetence of Boca Chica City Hall since, at has been stated before, the city isn’t the one doing the cleaning on that road. I can’t really say that is a shocker for BC.
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