Earthquake Monitors


*** Sin Bin ***
Sep 15, 2002
I actually saw one today finally. Supermercado Sosua had exactly one hanging on the rack at the checkout isle for RD$1960. I know many of the posters in the earthquake thread purchased them overseas and imnported theirs.

For anyone interested in having one of these little goodies where else has anyone seen them here in the DR? How much? And what are the current links to purchasing them off the internet?

I may have to get one and set it real sensitive like so I can always explain that I wasn't walking that way because of the champagne! It was an Earthquake! Yeah! That's the ticket, an earthquake!

Tom aka XR


Feb 4, 2002
yes, Producto Sosua has them, they are also available since quite a long time in Playero, Sosua, I think for the same price.

Online you can buy them at for 22.99 +about 8 US for shipping (within US to your EPS adress) +I paid about 600 Pesos (but I ordered more than 1, just one weights under 1 libra and should be charged about 300 Pesos) for EPS shipping from Miami to Sosua.

Back in October I ordered 3 of them (one for my house, one for a friend, one I put in my daughter's classroom in school). With the exchange rate back then and shipping costs for the 3 together I paid about 1000 Pesos for each of them.

I was actually thinking about importing much more of them and sell them here, since so many people (specially at school) asked me where they could get one. The kids of the owner of Producto Sosua are in the same school like my daughter... guess what, he had the same idea (sigh, another business oppertunity missed).