East and North East Coast accommodation - pet friendly if possible (and a fishing charter)

May 19, 2021
Santo Domingo
Morning, I have searched the threads and found a bit of info - like a guide to Samana, but it dates back to 2013 unfortunately (if there are new guides please advise where to buy or search online). I have 3 trips I would like to do in the next month, each roughly 4-5 nights. I will be travelling from Santo Domingo by car. I would love recommendations of places to stay, preferably on the beach, between la Romana and Cabrera - can travel further along the coast too. I know I have left this horribly late to book, considering it's the main Christmas holidays coming up, but your help is appreciated. Oh, and I would like a 1 day (or 1/2 day) fishing charter too - any good operators you can suggest? Excursion suggestions would be great too, island hops, river rafting/waterfalls etc. My trip dates would be roughly 15-19 December (3 adults), 24-30 December (4 adults), 2-6 January (3 adults). And yes, there might be a small dog involved, so somewhere that is pet friendly will be a HUGE bonus. Thank you.