economic immigration

Adrian Bye

Jul 7, 2002
we've been doing a bunch of family history research recently. its provoked some personal thoughts for me related to dominican economic immigration.

one of my great grandfathers grew up in the isle of man, uk. his father died when he was ~5, and his mother wasn't able to keep him when she remarried so he went to live with his 50 year old uncle and aunt. as soon as he could, he left for australia.

his future wife grew up in the outer hebrides, scotland. that area had been going broke for generations with a lot of people moving to canada. thats where she met my great grandfather and got married, and gave birth to my grandmother. we can't even find a birth certificate for my grandmother, or a wedding registration for them in canada, there's no paperwork on them there. the rest of my family show similar stories - one of my relatives worked on a brickworks in melbourne, a filthy job to do.

my point? i'm descended from a long line of unsuccessful people. and i've done ok.

i think we should be less harsh on dominicans who migrate to the US "in search of the dream". something special happens when you get a fresh start in a new country.


Aug 18, 2007
Well, there is a phrase in Spanish that reads; Al que Dios se la dio que San Pedro se la vendiga!!! Blessing, luck, opportunity or what ever you wanna call it are present in each human been life time to time in different ways, but very few people in the world were born to be successful...

Si naciste pa' martillo del cielo te caen los clavos!!! If you are born to be a hammer, nails from the sky will be falling over you!!!

This mean that if you are born to do something in life you won't have to do a big effort to get it, but if no... no matter you break your ass working you are not gonna make it.

Just look at me, 30 years working... y to lo dias ma pa' atras como el cangrejo.

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Jun 3, 2004
JJ remember El Negrito Del Batey:...el trabajo lo hizo Dios como castigo.;) Keep fixing and selling those cars!
JJ I don't believe in the context of that phrase, I think we humans have the potential to obtain whatever we can if we put our minds to work. Some of us may not reach our full potential just because of laciness, lack of commitment, or any other physical or mental obstruction to our goals, however, we must try harder and do our best to succeed. In most cases we do know what's missing and what we need to succeed, but we don't put our minds to work towards the objectives.

The best way is to set a long term plan, identify and undersand the tools we need to get there and start working on it, no excuses, IMHO.