Edenorte, once again


Jun 13, 2009
When we moved to our new house, 2 months ago, the electricity bill was around 1,500 rds, which seemed normal as there was only the caretaker living in his little house. He has a small tv, a fridge and some lightbulbs, and he ran the poolfilter twice a week to keep it clean.

After one month, the bill shot up to 4,500 rds which also seemed reasonable. A second fridge, 2 computers, more lightbulbs of course, and a newly installed waterheater. Before the end of the month we discovered that the waterheaterswitch was not actually hooked up to the waterheater and had this fixed. So I was not surprised by the amount.

Last month I got a bill of 9,000 rds, same usage of electricity but now with a properly installed waterheater (only switched on when needed). So I went and checked with my neighbour and he had been having identical problems. Bills fluctuating like crazy going from 6,000 rds (he has airco) up to 20,000 rds, and back down again.

I went to Edenorte and they promised they were going to come and check the meter and installation. Some guy came, read the meter and left. He was literally gone in less than 30 secs. For Edenorte the problem was solved.

Luckily enough our neighbour gave us a phonenumber of an agency which mediates between the customer and the electrical companies. I gave them a call, explained the problem, and they made a conference-call between them, Edenorte and myself. Result: I have to pay 30% of my bill and Edenorte has to send a qualified person out to check everything and give them the report as well. Of course, if everything is right I will still have to pay the remainder, which is fair enough.

I can only say I got excellent service from this government agency. For those who need it, the number is 809 200 2111. They speak perfect English, but the call with Edenorte is in Spanish.

Hope this helps some people here