Edenorte Problems - BE ADVISED

Simon & Nicky

Feb 3, 2004
I was sent a bill in February (the usual 9000 pesos more or less) and it included a 330 peso reconnection charge. I refused to pay the 330 because I'd never been disconnected and it was obviously a mistake. I asked for a reclamation note and was refused one despite the usual half an hour's shouting and stamping my feet.

The next bill didn't have ANYTHING outstanding just the current amount but when I went to pay they said I still owed 330 pesos (not on the current bill) PLUS a further 330 pesos for non payment of the 330 pesos.

We 'phoned Edenorte who claim that their new system highlights late payments (something I've never done) and now I owe 990 pesos PLUS the other 330 pesos that I didn't pay for all the times they have disconnected and then reconnected my electricity supply.

We 'phoned Protecom who seem to have somewhat lost their bite - Advise was to pay because Edenorte can "cut you off without you noticing"

Non-Payment (Of course) means another 330 peso charge and immediate disconnection.

I'm advised that all these charges will appear on mine (and yours) bills next month.



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Mar 25, 2007
I would like to know how to get connected. January 20th. I went to the Edenorte office in Sosua with all the info needed for a contract and they told me to be patient and to come back in a few days.
They still tell me that.
The other day they came with a bill but that must have been for someone else, because I am still waiting for my contract to be ready and I am still not connected.

Grandma Jen

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Jan 16, 2008

Eddy Naughty up to their money making tricks again

I always pay my bill on time - only this month there was no invoice delivered. I went to the Sosua office to pay and there were so many people waiting that I decided to go back later - next thing we know - we are cut off!

Again, I went to the office. Carlos (very nice man) told me that if you do not get an invoice/bill you should go to the office and get a duplicate. The delivery of the bills is contracted out to a third party, the connection/disconnection is also contracted out - so really - no one knows what is happening and Eddy Naughty has no control of it's so called services.

Very frustrating but lesson learned!


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Mar 6, 2003
We have them email our bills so we know about 3 days before the actual paper delivery. This gives us a chance to study the bill and pay before the crowds.

Good luck.


Jul 25, 2007
The people with Edenorte in Sosua must be something else, here in Santiago I have been late more than once paying my bill and never had to pay any penalties. I did have my power cut once but that was because they connected the power and told me they would send me a bill, which they never did, and besides I had power for 4 months until they cut it. I will say that the if the comment that "shouting" and "stamping feet" is literal, this is a counterproductive way to get things done here in the DR as it is not well received. I suggest a more subtle yet still firm approach.


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Oct 16, 2004
Pay in Advance? ? ? - "Successfull"?

I've devised a so far "succesfull" [?] method of dealing wtih Edenorte:

1. Ask for you bills to be emailed to you; it will be emailed most of the time;
2. pay 2 - 4 - 6 months in advance. I must go to 'customer service" & usually wait 10" - 15". A 1 on 1 conference with a [usually] pleaseant female clerk. Each new bill reflects the fact that I have a credit balance, usaully the accurate amount.
3. I receive no discount for paying in advance; I should.
4. Edenorte will not accept credit cards for advance payments??
5. Edenorte will accept credit cards for current o/s amounts??

The alternative? Pay each month; wait on line 30 - 45"; BRING CASH; make sure you pay on time, bill received or not.
"Successfull"? "All reality is subjective." [Plato]