Edenorte Tarifa


Mar 12, 2007
A question on Edenorte tariffs.

Can anyone answer the question as to which tariffs should be applied to domestic housing and what they are?

I have searched throught the threads for Edenorte tariffs but nothing was there. Searching on just Edenorte come up with a great deal from NotLurking,Chip00, Windeguy and jjbaer over the past few years but none answer this question. There was a good post by Chip00 that gave details of the edenorte tariffs : http://www.edenorte.com.do/legales/Tarifas/Tarifas 2006/NOVIEMBRE-2006.pdf

And this suggested that there were two for Domestic use BTS1 and BTS2, the remainder being for industrial use.
The specification of BTS1 is 9.24 KW Baja 120/240 Doble Monofasica with charges per KiloWatt/hour that have been discussed elsewhere on Living Forum.
We have this for our house.

What are the other tariffs? What's the specification.
BTS2, BTD etc.