Edesur cancels tender for RD$57 million face mask purchase


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Feb 20, 2019

El Despertador joins the list of investigative journalism programs that have gotten the government to cancel contracting that violates the laws. This time it is Edesur and violation of procurement law and emergency law in the purchase of facial masks.

The management at the government-owned power utility EdeSur announced on Wednesday, 27 May 2020 it has canceled a tender that was being carried out under the special state of emergency conditions for the purchase of 958,000 disposable face masks. El Despertador news program on Noticias SIN on Channel 9 had reported the total of masks to be purchased is more than what the Ministry of Public Health has bought for seven public hospitals in May.

The purchase was being made to prepare for the return to work of the 3,316 work force of the entity. As reported in March only 3% were working at EdeSur offices, 10% in April and an...
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