Eduardo Estrella speaks at 5th World Conference of Speakers of Parliament


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Feb 20, 2019

The president of the Senate in the Dominican Republic, Eduardo Estrella (Dominicanos por el Cambio-Santiago) proposed that Latin American countries that fully vaccinate 70% of their population receive a discount of 25% on their public debt. He said the countries have had to take on more debt to purchase vaccines to deal with the spread of the disease. “Latin America needs international aid given the large resources that have been invested to save lives and recover the economy. We have not cut corners and this has increased the indebtedness of the region,” he said. He also called for releasing the patents on vaccines so these can be produced in all countries. He also called for the integrating of an International Alliance for Cooperation for the Reconstruction of Haiti.

Also attending for the Dominican Republic was Faride Raful, senator for the National District...

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