Education - Assessment Test for Kids


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Sep 21, 2020
No pun intended , but does such a place exist that is credible , truly certified and with hope recognized internationally.
Have a friend with two children , the younger being more gifted than the older, so due to "feelings" , the younger one from my observations is being held back.
I have tried to use logic, the scenario being if one is offered a scholar ship , she would deny it cause of the other. FAILED.
So I am looking to have the younger child tested/assessed.

Looking for those that offer in-person and onsite rather than online.

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
Do they currently go to school? How old are they? There are school physiologists available in the DR. If you have a reputable private school nearby it wouldn't hurt to talk to the director for help (information on assessments) I think that if you are offering help in terms of a scholarship you might have to do it for both children, regardless of capabilities. The older one may be more capable that you think, just not taught properly.