El Millon--Where the Heck is it?


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Jul 20, 2007
We've been looking at apartments all over the place and one we saw online (that appears to be what we're looking for) is in El Millon. Where is it?? We tried finding it the other night and got a little lost. Can somebody please give me specific directions to find it? Also, I'd really like to know how this area compares to the other areas we've been looking in such as Bella Vista, Mirador etc. When I bring it up to some friends at work, they say they don't like it there. Not sure why. Thanks!


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Dec 9, 2002
El Mill?n is within the area north of 27 and west of Nu?ez, not sure exactly what the boundaries are. It's a middle class area, but I would prefer Mirador Sur/Bella Vista for proximity to the park if nothing else.


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Aug 2, 2008
Definitely upper class or upper middle class. Lot's of Military brass living there. Nice area imo.

If coming from el 27 towards JFK it's on your left hand side all the up to roughly Pollos Victorina.

To confuse you, sometimes the entire area is called El Milion (Prados, Castellana, Milion, Quisqueya, Praderas). For example to add prestige to a property actually located in the slightly less luxurious Quisqueya, they might say it's in El Milion.
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