Electrician problems


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Jan 8, 2002
I am starting a new thread from Roberts thread on Electricians. Now if I may quote myself from that thread...

lhtown said:
I am helping a friend put in an inverter right now and the accumulation of problems from 20 years of electrical work are nothing short of astounding.

I am sure many other have many other stories to share about electrical problems and wishing to share mine, I didn't want to hijack Robert's thread.

I found out part of the reason for the problems in the house I am working in. As it was explained to me, the "Se?or" who built the house was quite generous and had an electrician who was his "friend." It seems the friend viewed that house more as a cash cow than a project that should be finished and continually found things to repair. As a result of that and other things including age, the house is full of "rats nests" of electrical wiring and problems not to mention the complications that were introduced when it was wired to rob electricity from another circuit back when the Se?or was a "tiger." I understand he later dicontinued the use of that wiring. What we ended up doing was changing the wiring from the meter all the way to the main box of the house. So far, we haven't got past that.